Zana 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Zana 2019

Zana is a powerful and moving film that captivates its audience from start to finish. Directed by Antoneta Kastrati, this Albanian-Kosovar movie tells the story of Lume, a woman who is haunted by her past and the trauma of war. The movie takes us through Lume’s journey as she tries to conceive a child in a world that has been stripped of hope.

The plot of Zana is both emotional and heart-wrenching. The audience can feel Lume’s pain as she battles with infertility, while at the same time dealing with visions from her past. Anna Rita Vitolo portrays Lume perfectly; her performance is raw and intense, leaving the viewer on edge throughout most of the film.

Kastrati’s direction is masterful in its use of symbolism and imagery to convey deep emotions. She creates an almost dreamlike landscape that echoes Lume’s damaged psyche. The score also helps in bringing forth these emotions, adding rhythm to some scenes while using silence to emphasize others.

The cinematography in Zana shifts between intense close-ups and wide shots which take us into different parts of Kosovo where we see how people are trying their best to move on after decades-long conflict.

Production design plays an essential role in bringing out authenticity in this film- capturing rural villages filled with poverty stricken homes still bearing scars from years-old wars.

Perhaps one weakness we have seen was related to special effects at some point causing a distraction breaking our involvement focused entirely on plot development

Overall, Zana leaves its mark hard hitting; it tackles issues such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), infertility struggles but also family ties revealing hidden secrets amidst challenging conditions present-day Kosovo still faces.
I highly recommend watching this emotional journey portrayed for healing purposes whilst reliving difficult situations many have faced post-war timeframes leading up to today!

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Release : 2019-09-21

Genre : Drama, Horror

Runtime : 97

Home Page :

Company : Crossing Bridges Films, Alief, On Film Production

Cast : Adriana Matoshi as Lume, Astrit Kabashi as Ilir, Mensur Safqiu as Dr. Murati, Çun Lajçi as Lume’s Father, Bislim Muçaj as Bajram

ZANA – Official Trailer (2019) official trailer

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