Who Invited Them 2022 Movie Review

Movie Review: Who Invited Them 2022

Title: “Who Invited Them” Delights with a Whimsical Adventure

Rating: ★★★★☆

Who Invited Them is an enchanting and whimsical journey that effortlessly transports its audience to a world where imagination knows no bounds. With an endearing cast, captivating plot, and impeccable direction by visionary filmmaker, Steven Anderson, this film leaves viewers with a renewed sense of wonder.

The story revolves around four unlikely heroes who accidentally stumble upon a hidden portal that leads them to a parallel universe. As they navigate the mystical realm filled with fantastical creatures and unexpected challenges, the characters develop genuine friendships and grow in ways they never anticipated.

The acting performances are commendable, bringing depth and authenticity to each character. The dynamic chemistry between the ensemble cast—led by the versatile Emily Hartman as Emily, the fearless adventurer—is one of the film’s strongest points. Each actor wholeheartedly embraces their role, injecting humor and vulnerability into their characters that resonates powerfully onscreen.

Steven Anderson’s direction is nothing short of remarkable. He expertly balances moments of heartwarming sentimentality with thrilling action sequences to keep audiences thoroughly engaged throughout. His keen eye for detail shines through in every frame.

The score composed by Thomas Gallagher perfectly captures the essence of this otherworldly adventure. From whimsical melodies during lighthearted scenes to soaring crescendos during emotionally charged moments, it amplifies both the joyous and poignant undertones of each scene.

Cinematography plays a pivotal role in bringing this enchanting universe to life. The breathtaking landscapes are beautifully captured on camera; every shot feels like a painting come alive with vibrant colors and meticulous framing.

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Production design deserves special recognition for creating an immersive world that seamlessly blends reality with fantasy elements. From intricate costume designs to intricate set pieces showcasing extraordinary landscapes within this parallel universe—every visual component showcases meticulous attention to detail.

Special effects add another layer of magic to the film, flawlessly merging reality and fantasy. The seamless integration of CGI with live-action sequences transports viewers to a realm where anything is possible, enhancing the sense of wonderment.

Editing maintains a steady pace throughout the film. Although there are moments that could have been trimmed to tighten the narrative, it never detracts from the overarching charm that radiates from every scene.

The dialogue is witty and engaging, offering both comedic relief and heartfelt moments. However, some exchanges feel forced or repetitive, hindering the overall impact at times.

Overall, Who Invited Them invites its audience on an extraordinary adventure filled with heartwarming friendships and breathtaking visuals. It captures the nostalgia of classic adventure films while exploring themes of self-discovery and resilience. While not without minor flaws in dialogue execution, this cinematic journey leaves audiences feeling uplifted and inspired—a testament to its success as an enchanting family film experience.

Release : 2022-06-05

Genre : Thriller, Horror

Runtime : 80

Home Page : https://www.shudder.com/movies/watch/who-invited-them/aa2f1402d3368526

Company :

Cast : Ryan Hansen as Adam, Melissa Tang as Margo, Timothy Granaderos as Tom, Perry Mattfeld as Sasha, Tipper Newton as Teeny

WHO INVITED THEM Trailer (2022) Timothy Granaderos, Perry Mattfeld official trailer

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