Where We Go from Here 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Where We Go from Here 2019

Where We Go from Here is a touching and thought-provoking film that explores the interconnected lives of three strangers who are brought together by circumstance. Their stories are united by themes of love, loss, and self-discovery, creating an emotional journey that will leave audiences feeling both uplifted and introspective.

The acting in Where We Go from Here is exceptional, with each cast member bringing their character to life with nuance and depth. The relationships between the characters feel authentic, and their struggles are all too relatable. One standout performance comes from Raphael Barker as William, a young man grappling with his sexuality in a homophobic society. His portrayal is raw and affecting, making his journey towards self-acceptance all the more poignant.

The direction of the film by Anthony Meindl is also commendable. He presents complex issues like mental health and discrimination in a compassionate manner without resorting to melodrama or clichés. The score by James Saito perfectly complements the mood of each scene, heightening emotions without being intrusive.

Visually, Where We Go from Here is beautiful to look at thanks to its stunning cinematography by Adam Lee. From picturesque vistas to intimate moments between characters, every shot feels purposeful and evocative. The production design also deserves praise for capturing the diversity of Los Angeles while establishing distinct settings for each character’s story.

However, there are some moments where the editing could have been tighter to maintain pacing throughout the film’s two-hour runtime. Additionally, some of the dialogues feel jarring or overwritten in places but these minor flaws don’t detract much from overall impact.

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Overall I would highly recommend Where We Go from Here for its profound themes handled sensitively with genuine performances bringing out its message beautifully delivered through artful direction embodied so delicately aided through evocative cinematography with soul-stirring music score that leaves its audience deep in thought demonstrating how resonating storytelling can help foster empathy and promote understanding.

Release : 2019-07-20

Genre : Drama

Runtime : 90

Home Page :

Company : Meta Films, Intrepid Entertainment

Cast : Justine Wachsberger as Mathilde, Raphael Desprez as Daniel, Camille De Pazzis as Adele, Nicolas Berger-Vachon as Francois, Zhan Wang as Jiverly

Gareth Emery – Where Do We Go From Here (Official Lyric Video) official trailer

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