We Used to Know Each Other 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: We Used to Know Each Other 2019

As a movie reviewer, I had the pleasure of watching “We Used to Know Each Other”, a heartwarming and nostalgic film directed by Robert G. Putka that explores the struggles of love and relationships.

The plot follows Amie (Tiffany Hodges) and Eric (Stephen Canterbury), two former lovers who reunite years after their emotional break-up. The story unfolds through flashbacks, taking us back to their initial encounter, relationship journey, and painful separation.

The acting and characters are outstanding, with both Hodges and Canterbury delivering authentic performances that capture the complexity of past relationships. The chemistry between them is raw yet tender, making for a captivating portrayal of love at its most vulnerable moments.

The direction by Putka is subtle but effective in allowing the emotions of the characters to shine through. He skillfully balances between present-day scenes that show how much they’ve changed from their earlier selves while seamlessly transitioning into the past through clever editing techniques.

The score by Ryan Blotnick was emotional yet restrained, fitting perfectly with the tone of the scenes it accompanied. Furthermore, cinematography was impressive as it captured not only facial expressions but also beautiful landscapes leaving viewers mesmerized throughout.

Production design fully complemented other aspects of this movie – every scene was well thought out with attention paid to every detail which resulted in making this film more realistic and relatable for audiences everywhere.

Special effects were wisely applied where needed- sparingly- rather than overpowering audiences unnecessarily while editing made sure not one second was boring or unnecessary; everything kept pace well enough so you don’t lose focus or get lost in all sorts of sub-plots popping up from nowhere without context!

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Dialogs were believable – there wasn’t any over-the-top exaggerated statements here but instead conversations felt genuine reflecting real-life scenarios which again makes this movie more relatable even more than anything else perhaps will leave you sympathizing with situations like these when they occur in your own life too.

Overall, “We Used to Know Each Other” is a beautiful ode to love and all of its complexities. It’s a movie that will resonate with anyone who has ever been in love or experienced heartbreak. While there is room for improvement in some areas, it still delivers an impactful and moving story that I would highly recommend watching.

Release : 2019-03-05

Genre : Drama, Comedy

Runtime : 76

Home Page :

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Cast : Hugo de Sousa as Hugo, Essa O’Shea as Amanda, Clare McNulty, Ashley Lenz, Sandra Cóias as Marta

We Used To Know Each Other Official Trailer (2019) official trailer

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