Watch List 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Watch List 2019

Watch List is a 2019 Filipino action-thriller movie that tells the story of a mother, Delia, who is forced to join her husband in the war against drugs after he was killed by police for allegedly being involved in drug trafficking. The film stars Alessandra de Rossi, Jake Macapagal, and Arthur Acuña.

One of the strongest aspects of this film is its plot. The story tackles relevant and controversial topics such as extrajudicial killings and drug addiction in the Philippines. It sheds light on how these issues affect not only those directly involved but also their families. The movie’s narrative style shows the emotional toll that it takes on each individual character, making it more than just an action-packed thriller.

Alessandra de Rossi delivers an exceptional performance as Delia–the mother who tries to protect her family while dealing with loss and grief. Her acting feels raw and realistic, truly embodying the struggles of someone caught up in such a tragic situation.

The film has some stunningly shot scenes that showcase Manila’s urban environment as well as its hidden corners filled with violence and corruption. Director Ben Rekhi expertly weaves together different elements to create a gritty yet thought-provoking portrayal of a society where corruption runs rampant.

Though Watch List deals with heavy themes, there are still moments of lightness and humor scattered throughout that keep it from feeling too bleak or depressing. However, some viewers may find certain scenes disturbing or violent given its subject matter.

Overall, Watch List delivers an intense cinematic experience that captures both personal tragedy and social commentary about modern-day Philippine society without compromising quality storytelling or filmmaking technique. It’s highly recommended for fans who enjoy thrillers with depth beyond merely entertainment purposes.

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Release : 2019-09-11

Genre : Thriller

Runtime : 94

Home Page :

Company : Bron Studios, Reality Entertainment

Cast : Alessandra de Rossi as Maria, Jake Macapagal as Victor, Arthur Acuña as Alvin, Jess Mendoza as Turo, Angeli Bayani

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