Vellai Pookal 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Vellai Pookal 2019

Vellai Pookal is a 2019 Indian thriller movie directed by Vivek Elangovan. The movie stars veteran actor Vivek who plays the lead role of Rudhran, a retired cop who is suffering from personal loss. The film also features Charlie and Dev alongside other actors.

The story of Vellai Pookal revolves around Rudhran, an old man who receives a call from his son, asking him to come to the US. When he arrives in the country, he realizes that his son has disappeared without any trace. His search for his son leads him to live with some strangers and later uncovers some shocking secrets about them.

The performance given by Vivek as Rudhran is commendable. He has portrayed the character of an old man beautifully and has given justice to each expression and dialogue that he speaks. The supporting cast has also done their part well, particularly Dev who plays the role of one of the suspects.

What sets Vellai Pookal apart from other thriller movies is its screenplay which keeps you guessing till the end. It’s refreshing not to have predictable twists in this genre anymore and Vellai Pookal delivers that excellently. The cinematography by Jerald Peter captures some stunning landscapes of Seattle which adds value to this already gripping movie.

Overall, Vellai Pookal proved out to be an entertaining watch with excellent execution on all fronts- acting, direction, screenplay and cinematography- making it worth watching for anyone looking for a well-made film in this genre. Highly recommended!

Release : 2019-04-19

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Genre : Drama, Thriller, Crime

Runtime : 130

Home Page :

Company : Indus Entertainments, Trident Arts

Cast : Vivek as DIG Rudhran Ganesan, Charle as Bharatidasan “Bharati”, Dev as Ajay Rudhran, Pooja Devariya as Ramya, Paige Henderson as Alice

Vellai Pookal Trailer official trailer

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