Vandal 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Vandal 2019

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Title: Vandal (2019)

Director: José María de Orbe

Cast: Kandido Uranga, Marta Larralde, Itziar Ituño

Genre: Drama


Vandal is a Spanish-language drama film about a forensic pathologist named Rafael who is tasked with identifying the body of a young girl found dead in the Basque Country. As he delves deeper into her past through her autopsy and interviews with those who knew her, Rafael discovers that she was involved in a local movement seeking to preserve Basque culture and that her death may have been politically motivated.


Vandal is an intense and thought-provoking film that explores issues of identity, belonging, and political conflict through the lens of one young woman’s tragic death. The movie effectively portrays the complicated relationships between family members, friends, lovers and their connection to social issues affecting their community. The performances by the cast are impressive; Kandido Uranga delivers an outstanding portrayal of Rafael’s character while Marta Larralde presents us with an emotionally compelling depiction of Sara—the girl found dead in the story.

The storyline unfolds slowly but steadily building up tension creating suspense which keeps you engrossed throughout this crime thriller. Although it lacks action sequences or fireworks often associated with modern-day crime dramas; its narrative style gives rise to a strong sense of unease—a feeling that remains long after you’ve finished watching it.

Overall verdict:

Vandal is not your run-of-the-mill thriller but rather an insightful commentary on contemporary society’s complexities. This film will compel you to think deeply about some significant socio-political issues while leaving you emotionally affected by its believable characters’ plight.

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Release : 2019-03-07

Genre : Drama, Crime

Runtime : 99

Home Page :

Company :

Cast : Daniel Zovatto as Nick ‘Damage’ Cruz, Otmara Marrero as Sofia ‘Silk’ Campos, Juan Pablo Raba as Michael Cruz, Frankie J. Alvarez as Chino, Ralph Rodriguez as Orly

Vandal (2021) | Official Trailer HD official trailer

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