Unpacking the Emotionally Charged ‘Dear Frank’ – A 2019 Film Review

Movie Review: Dear Frank 2019

Dear Frank is a heartwarming and thought-provoking movie that grips you with its powerful storytelling and compelling performances. This family drama explores the complexities of relationships, forgiveness, and overcoming grief.

The movie revolves around the struggles of an African American family trying to come to terms with their son’s tragic death. Frank (Brian White), the patriarch of the family, is struggling with his own guilt when he meets a young girl, Judy (played by Claudia Jordan), who reminds him of his late son. As he gets closer to Judy, he begins to see her as a way to make amends for his mistakes.

One thing that sets this movie apart is its excellent cast. The actors deliver outstanding performances that will leave you feeling emotional and touched. Brian White portrays Frank with such depth and emotion; you can feel his pain throughout the film. Claudia Jordan’s portrayal of Judy is equally impressive – her vulnerability shines through every scene she shares with Frank.

Director Joshua Coates has done an amazing job in bringing this story to life on screen. The cinematography and production design are stunning, creating a captivating backdrop for this emotionally-charged tale.

While there are some predictable moments in Dear Frank’s plotline, they do not detract from its overall strength as a movie. Some viewers may argue about some scenes being cliché or too predictable but it doesn’t take away from the performances on screen or take away any of Dear Frank’s emotional impact from viewers.

Overall, Dear Frank is an engaging and poignant film that deals with real human struggles while exploring themes like love, forgiveness, relationships and loss – all while keeping audiences entertained throughout its runtime! With excellent acting performances complimented by beautiful visuals & heartfelt dialogue – it provides a cinematic experience worth watching!

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Release : 2019-11-19

Genre : Drama, Comedy

Runtime : 0

Home Page :

Company : Muddy Waters Pictures, Webber Films

Cast : Brian J. White as Frank, Claudia Jordan as Beth, Columbus Short as George, Alisha Henson as Dr. Assistant, Salina Sherwood as Nurse

Dear Frankie (Trailer HD) official trailer

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