Unleashing the Spirit of ‘Rising Free’: A Compelling Movie Review

Movie Review: Rising Free 2019

Rising Free is a movie that will take you on an emotional journey of hope, courage, and love. Set in the 1800s, the story revolves around a strong and independent woman named Adina (Samantha Droke) who has been taken from her family and forced into slavery. Determined to be free, Adina risks everything to escape and start a new life.

One of the most impressive aspects of this movie is its ability to transport you back in time. The production design and costumes are superb, with attention paid to every detail. The cinematography captures the beauty of nature, while also highlighting the darkness of slavery.

The acting in Rising Free is top-notch with standout performances from Samantha Droke as Adina and Melanie Foust as her mother Sarah. Both actresses deliver powerful performances that are filled with emotion and authenticity.

The score by Nathan Wang is beautiful and adds an extra layer of depth to this already emotional film. The special effects are also well done, particularly during scenes showcasing the horrors of slavery.

However, there were some issues with pacing that made certain scenes feel rushed or too slow. Additionally, some plot points felt underdeveloped which made it difficult to connect fully with all characters.

Despite these minor flaws, Rising Free has left a lasting impression on me. It showcases human strength and determination in times when hope seemed lost – themes that resonate even today. This emotionally charged film will leave you feeling empowered while reminding us all about our past struggles for freedom – making it a must-watch for any one looking for inspiration!

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Release : 2019-12-06

Genre : Drama, History

Runtime : 109

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Cast : Samantha Droke as Ethel, Melanie Foust as Nakomay, Bob Grove as Thomas, Elias Kamplain as James, Stephan Lunsford as Benjamin

Rising Free Movie – Official Trailer official trailer

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