The Wall of Mexico 2020 Movie Review

Movie Review: The Wall of Mexico 2020

The Wall of Mexico (2020): A Cinematic Masterpiece That Challenges Boundaries

Welcome, movie enthusiasts! Today, we dive into the intriguing world of “The Wall of Mexico” (2020), a thought-provoking film that captivated audiences with its unique narrative and compelling performances. Directed by Zachary Cotler and Magdalena Zyzak, this indie gem takes a deep dive into cultural boundaries, immigration, and the clash between privilege and the desire for change. Get ready for a riveting journey that will leave you pondering the complexities of our modern society. So, grab your popcorn and let’s begin!

I. Plot Overview

“The Wall of Mexico” centers around the wealthy Aristas family, who reside in a small town in California near the U.S.-Mexico border. Their lives are disrupted when mysterious sinkholes appear, leading to the discovery of a natural resource that gives the town’s water a peculiar property: those who drink it suddenly become unable to tolerate Mexican water.

II. Cultural Divide and Privilege

This film expertly explores the cultural divide between the Aristas family and the Mexican workers in their employ. Through beautifully crafted scenes, we witness the stark contrast between the lavish lifestyles of the Aristas and the struggles faced by the workers. The film raises questions about privilege, entitlement, and the exploitation of marginalized communities.

The Aristas family, played by an exceptional ensemble cast, embodies the entitled attitudes of the upper class. The performances by Jackson Rathbone, Esai Morales, and Marisol Sacramento breathe life into their complex characters, shedding light on the flaws and complexities of the privileged.

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III. Immigration and Identity

At its core, “The Wall of Mexico” explores the themes of immigration and identity. The film challenges the idea of borders and raises important questions about who gets to define national identity. It delves into the impact of migration on communities and the interplay between cultures.

We follow the story of Don, a Mexican worker who becomes an enigma after drinking the altered water. The film cleverly examines how the perception of the “other” can transform based on personal gain, highlighting the hypocrisy and inherent bias that exists in society.

IV. Cinematic Brilliance and Visuals

Visually, “The Wall of Mexico” is a feast for the eyes. The directors employ stunning cinematography and a color palette that reflects the contrasting worlds within the film. The vibrant hues of the Aristas’ luxurious home stand in stark contrast to the desolate landscapes surrounding the town.

The film’s pacing is deliberate, allowing viewers to immerse themselves fully in the characters’ experiences. Each scene is beautifully composed, utilizing wide shots and intimate close-ups to capture the emotional depth of the story.

V. Thought-Provoking Messages

“The Wall of Mexico” serves as a potent reminder of the power of film to challenge societal norms and spark meaningful discussions. It prompts viewers to examine their own biases and confront the complexities of privilege and identity.

The film also encourages conversations around immigration, border politics, and the need for empathy in an increasingly divided world. By presenting a nuanced narrative, it compels us to question the validity of borders and to consider the impact of our actions on others.

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In a time when conversations surrounding borders and immigration are more relevant than ever, “The Wall of Mexico” emerges as a cinematic masterpiece that confronts these issues head-on. Through its captivating performances, thought-provoking messages, and stunning visuals, the film leaves a lasting impression on its audience. It challenges us to break down barriers, question societal constructs, and strive for a more inclusive and empathetic world. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this remarkable film that dares to challenge boundaries and ignite conversations that matter.


Release : 2020-10-13

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Family, Western

Runtime : 111

Home Page :

Company : The Winter Film Company, Spécola

Cast : Jackson Rathbone as Donovan Taylor, Esai Morales as Henry Arista, Marisol Sacramento as Tania Arista, Carmela Zumbado as Ximena Arista, Alex Meneses as Monica Arista

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