The Mountain Minor: A Heartfelt Homage to Appalachian Music

Movie Review: The Mountain Minor 2019

The Mountain Minor is a heartfelt, nostalgic journey into the roots of American music. Directed by Dale Farmer, this movie tells the story of an Appalachian family’s multigenerational connection to traditional music.

The plot is simple but emotionally powerful. The movie follows a young man named Charlie Abner who discovers his family’s old instruments and their musical heritage, leading him on a journey to reconnect with his ancestors’ Appalachian roots and learn more about their unique style of traditional American music.

The acting in The Mountain Minor is superb. All characters are played by talented musicians who bring raw authenticity to their roles. From the youngest child actor to the seasoned adult performers, each member of the cast delivers top-notch performances that help create a rich and immersive world for viewers.

One of the most striking aspects of The Mountain Minor is its stunning cinematography. Beautifully shot on location in Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio, and other parts of Appalachia, the film transports viewers back in time with its portrayal of sweeping landscapes and intimate portraits of small-town life.

The score plays an integral role in this movie’s success. It features some old-time Appalachian melodies which resonate long after watching the film. Written and performed by various artists including Elizabeth LaPrelle & Anna Roberts-Gevalt duo; Jesse Wells; Trevor McKenzie off Dwayne Brooke Echoes Band – it does not disappoint.

While this movie has many strengths overall – it falls short on two fronts – Direction & Editing! There are several moments where pacing could have been tighter or certain scenes set up better for maximum emotional impact; edits feel jarring at times as well as transitions could have been smoother towards narrative arcs being developed throughout!

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In conclusion, The Mountain Minor takes us on an unforgettable journey through America’s musical history while also providing insight into what makes Appalachia such a special part of our country. With strong acting performances along with great scores & beautiful cinematography – combined with heart of the movie makes it a must-watch for all music lovers. Despite its minor faults and momentary lapses in direction, The Mountain Minor is a film that will touch your soul and remind you of the importance of staying connected to our cultural heritage.

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