The Lumber Baron 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: The Lumber Baron 2019

The Lumber Baron is a historical drama that takes us back to the turn of the century when timber was a source of wealth and power. The movie explores the life of Charles Ferguson, a wealthy businessman who rules over his lumber empire with an iron fist. The plot is engaging and keeps you hooked until the very end.

The acting in The Lumber Baron is top-notch. The cast delivers powerful performances that are both nuanced and filled with emotion. Joseph Bezenek, who plays Charles Ferguson, captures the character’s complex personality flawlessly, making him both likable and unlikable at different points throughout the film. Christina Baldwin as Nellie Ferguson provides an equally strong performance as Charles’s wife, bringing depth to her character.

The direction by Barry Andersson is impressive and adds to the overall ambiance of the film. He uses lighting and camera angles to emphasize important moments in each scene, creating a sense of tension or anticipation that keeps you on edge.

One aspect that stood out was the score by composer Nick Johnson. It perfectly captured the time period while also adding emotional weight to key scenes.

Cinematography in The Lumber Baron is stunning, with breathtaking landscapes of vast forests shown in vivid detail on screen by cinematographer Mark Parry. Production design by Sarah Sharples captures every detail from vintage clothes pieces down to old-time advertisements; such attention makes all events happening on display immersive for viewers allowing them to feel like traveling back into history.

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However, there are some lacks – special effects were not much emphasized upon which could have been better managed; editing sometimes appear rough around certain sections leading it difficult for audiences keeping up with every aspect of what’s happening in front of them.

As a whole though, The Lumber Barron has left me feeling completely satisfied; it portrays complex characters moving through realistic situations dealing with their own flaws while offering valuable lessons about family values along its way – I would highly recommend it.

Release : 2019-05-24

Genre : Drama

Runtime : 120

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Cast : Joseph Bezenek as Daniel Rimsdale, Jr., Scout Taylor-Compton as Mary Catherine Rimsdale, Christina Baldwin, Anna Stranz

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