The Illegal 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: The Illegal 2019

The Illegal 2019 Movie Review

Talks About a Worthy And Relevant Issue

Immigration has always been a very touchy subject due to the lack of empathy shown by many to their plight. Especially due to the constant rise in population and the steady decline of economic resources all over the world, the situation regarding immigration has become a lot worse. This situation is not helped by the constant demonization of these people by opportunistic leaders at the top. In this context, Danish Renzu’s movie aptly titled ‘The Illegal’ chooses to make this issue the crux of its story and helps expose the inherent possibility of exploitation caused by hope.

An Immigrant’s Tale

The Illegal follows the story of Hassan (Suraj Sharma) who immigrates to America to take up film studies. He only realizes when he gets there that his uncle is not as well to do as he was led to believe. Due to this, he is forced to find a job to support himself and is left homeless. Around this time, he comes across an opportunity to make money by working in an Indian restaurant run by a tyrannical Indian American man called Zayen Khan (Jay Ali).

Little does he know that he is, in fact, entering a world that he knows nothing of and as fate would have it over the course of the film, we see him sinking deeper into existential despair, caused by the circumstances around him that he has no control over.

Release : 2019-09-21

Genre : Drama

Runtime : 86

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Cast : Suraj Sharma as Hassan, Shweta Tripathi as Mahi, Adil Hussain as Papa, Iqbal Theba as Babaji, Jay Ali as Zayen Khan

The Illegal – Official Trailer | Suraj Sharma | Danish Renzu | Amazon Prime Video | Mar 23 official trailer

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