The Great War 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: The Great War 2019

The Great War is a war movie that takes us back to the days of World War I. It tells the story of American soldiers who were sent to fight in France during the war. The movie has a lot of action, drama, and emotions that manage to keep you engaged from start to finish.

One of the most impressive aspects of this movie is its production design. Director Steven Luke has done an excellent job in recreating the look and feel of World War I. From the costumes worn by soldiers and civilians to the trenches where they fought, everything looks authentic.

The acting is also commendable, especially from Ron Perlman who plays Colonel Jacks. His portrayal as a tough yet compassionate leader is remarkable. Aaron Courteau’s performance as Private Deacon Porter stands out too, as he brings depth and emotion to his character.

The cinematography is outstanding and captures both the beauty and brutality of war with equal measure. The special effects are also well-done; there are some fantastic scenes that make you feel like you’re right in the middle of battle.

However, there are some minor flaws in The Great War too. Some parts seem rushed while others drag on for far too long without much happening. Still, these issues do not detract significantly from what this film does well.

Overall though, The Great War leaves an impression on you – showing both bravery and sacrifice amidst a world torn by war. It’s gritty portrayal makes it difficult not be immersed emotionally throughout your viewing experience.So if you’re looking for an emotionally powerful war film that will leave you thinking about it long after it’s over – then give The Great War a chance!

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Release : 2019-12-13

Genre : History, War, Drama, Action

Runtime : 108

Home Page :

Company : Schuetzle Company Productions

Cast : Ron Perlman as General Pershing, Billy Zane as Colonel Jack Morrison, Jordan McFadden as Mary, Bates Wilder as Captain William Rivers, Cody Fleury as O’Malley

The Great War: Western Front – Official Launch Trailer official trailer

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