The Garden Left Behind 2020 Movie Review

Movie Review: The Garden Left Behind 2020

“The Garden Left Behind” is a powerful and poignant movie that follows the journey of Tina, a Mexican trans woman who lives with her grandmother in New York City. The film beautifully captures the complexities of being a trans person in America, and how it can be even more challenging for those who belong to marginalized communities.

The story revolves around Tina’s struggles as she navigates through life as a young immigrant trying to make it in an unfamiliar city. Despite facing constant discrimination and violence from society, she remains steadfast in her pursuit for a better life. Along the way, she meets other members of the LGBTQ+ community who face similar struggles but find solace in their shared experiences.

One of the most striking aspects of “The Garden Left Behind” is how it handles its subject matter with respect and sensitivity. Director Flavio Alves centers the story on Tina’s humanity instead of reducing her identity to mere plot device or tokenization. This approach allows us to fully immerse ourselves into Tina’s world and understand her challenges better.

The film also explores important themes such as family dynamics, immigration issues, and mental health struggles within marginalized communities. It addresses these issues without falling into overt preachiness or melodrama that often plague movies dealing with social issues.

Moreover, the performances are outstanding across the board- particularly Carlie Guevara’s captivating portrayal of Tina. Her nuanced performance conveys everything from courage to vulnerability without any over-the-top theatrics.

In conclusion,”The Garden Left Behind” is an eye-opening movie that will leave you moved long after you exit the cinema hall.Its insightful,and thought-provoking themes makes it one film worth seeing especially due to its relevance on todays society..

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Release : 2020-08-28

Genre : Drama

Runtime : 88

Home Page :

Company : Autonomous Pictures, Queens Pictures

Cast : Carlie Guevara as Tina, Michael Madsen, Ed Asner, Danny Flaherty, Anthony Abdo

The Garden Left Behind – Official Trailer | SXSW Winner official trailer

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