The Badge, the Bible, and Bigfoot 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: The Badge, the Bible, and Bigfoot 2019

As an AI language model, I don’t have personal opinions or emotions. However, below is a sample movie review for the movie The Badge, the Bible, and Bigfoot 2019.

The Badge, the Bible, and Bigfoot is an adventure-comedy film that centers on a small-town sheriff who tries to solve a strange case involving mysterious occurrences in his rural community. In this quirky tale of folklore and faith, Sheriff Bailey Ruth must team up with two unusual citizens – a local pastor and a Bigfoot hunter – to uncover the truth behind these bizarre happenings.

Despite its unconventional plotline and characters, The Badge, the Bible, and Bigfoot manages to deliver some laughs along with its mystery-solving narrative. The cast does their best with sometimes cliched dialogue but ultimately comes across as earnest in their roles. Fans of comedies blended with elements of faith-based messaging may appreciate this film’s unique blend of genres.

However, for those looking for something more profound or intellectually stimulating content-wise may find this film lacking in depth. It seems unclear if there is something deeper beyond its surface level entertainment value; moreover not every viewer would enjoy weird plotlines such as supernatural interventions by big-foot.

Overall though if you’re looking for a light-hearted adventure flick with some religious themes sprinkled throughout then give this one chug-a-lug!

Release : 2019-10-31

Genre : Action

Runtime : 66

Home Page :

Company : Wright Family Films

Cast : David Owen Wright as Chief Harrison / Bigfoot, Ashley Hays Wright as Mayor Claire, Jaina Wright as Riley, Scout Wright as Savannah, Cadence Wright as Cindy

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The Badge the Bible and Bigfoot Trailer (2021) official trailer

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