Thanksgiving with the Carters 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Thanksgiving with the Carters 2019

Thanksgiving with the Carters is a heartwarming family movie that will leave you feeling thankful and grateful for the people in your life. The movie tells the story of a dysfunctional family who comes together for Thanksgiving dinner after years of being apart. The plot is relatable and realistic, with each character having their own unique quirks and flaws.

The acting in Thanksgiving with the Carters is outstanding, as each actor brings their character to life in a way that feels authentic and genuine. From the matriarch of the family who tries to keep things together, to the rebellious teenager who just wants her voice to be heard, each character adds depth and meaning to the story.

The direction of Thanksgiving with the Carters is exceptional, as it manages to balance humor and drama without ever feeling disjointed or forced. The score adds an emotional layer to many scenes and helps convey important messages without being overbearing.

The cinematography captures both stunning landscapes outside during leisurely walks but also cozy intimate moments inside during early morning conversations – this makes viewers feel like they are right there alongside these characters celebrating such an important holiday.

Production design expertly recreates a festive atmosphere that allows us all enjoy this special annual tradition while still capturing its essence just perfectly. Special effects are used sparingly but effectively when required – adding credibility into crucial moments where they’re necessary yet not overpowering.

Editing moves smoothly between different scenes while still maintaining continuity throughout – keeping viewers engaged from start till end without any hiccups on our journey towards understanding what it means when families gather around one table & focus on all those things worth being grateful for!

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One minor shortcoming: dialog can be slightly clichéd at times – some interactions come off as overly rehearsed but this doesn’t really detract much from overall effectiveness because content brings enough value by itself already leaving lasting impressions on its audience despite minor hiccups here or there due sometimes formulaic turns towards cliché.

Overall, Thanksgiving with the Carters is a touching and heartwarming movie that will leave you feeling grateful for your own family. The film resonates with its viewers in many ways and offers an important message about the true meaning of Thanksgiving. It’s a must-watch during this holiday season!

Release : 2019-11-11

Genre : Comedy

Runtime : 104

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Cast : Bryan G. Thompson as Jeffrey Davidson, Sophia Knolton as Erica Carter, Aniya Langston as Sydney Carter, Byron Adrian Shorter as Robert Carter, Kelsey Delemar as Opal

‘Thanksgiving With The Carters’ – Official Trailer – This family is full of surprises! official trailer

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