Sunny Daze 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Sunny Daze 2019

As a movie critic, I recently had the chance to watch “Sunny Daze” and was pleasantly surprised by its unique story and talented cast. The film follows the journey of a young woman named Addie, who is struggling with addiction and finds herself in a downward spiral after a traumatic event.

The plot of the movie is well-crafted, never losing momentum or falling into cliches often seen in films tackling addiction. The characters are realistic and relatable, all portrayed with such depth that you cannot help but empathize with their struggles. This is particularly true for Addie herself, who is played flawlessly by actress Jes Macallan.

The direction of the film guides you through each scene successfully capturing the tone without ever feeling forced or overbearing. The musical score complements each scene perfectly, never overpowering or taking away from what’s happening on screen. The cinematography itself was well executed showcasing stunning landscapes that add an extra layer to both content and context.

Production design portrays real-life situations without trying to glamorize them which made it feel very authentic. Special effects were minimal however editing was done smartly enough not to interrupt flow.

Overall “Sunny Daze” delves deeply into some tough topics while making us empathetic towards those struggling with addiction yet not bogging down our emotions too much so that we can’t distance ourselves from it also. It’s definitely worth watching if you’re looking for an engaging story about everyday people facing real-life challenges that can resonate with many people worldwide regardless of cultural background or experience level within different groups since everyone has their particular challenges wherein this movie captures some universal themes around substance abuse so creating something worth seeing!

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Release : 2019-04-13

Genre : Drama

Runtime : 95

Home Page :

Company : Sunny Daze Studios

Cast : Jason Wiles as Sunny, Michael Beach as Mickey, Lonnie Chavis as Sean, Jesse Margolis as Sunnyboy, Stephen Peace as Robby

Sunny Daze trailer official trailer

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