Submission 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Submission 2019

As a movie critic, it is my pleasure to write a review for the film Submission. This thought-provoking drama film directed by Richard Levine, with a screenplay by Francine Prose and based on her 2006 novel “Blue Angel”, explores the boundaries of power dynamics between male professors and their female students.

The plot follows Ted Swenson (Stanley Tucci), an English professor at a small New England college who is struggling with writer’s block and begins to mentor Angela Argo (Addison Timlin), his student. As their relationship evolves, Angela shows signs of obsession towards Ted while he becomes increasingly entangled in her personal life.

The acting performances are undoubtedly one of the highlights of this film. Stanley Tucci delivers an excellent performance as Professor Swenson, portraying his character’s subtle shift from mentor to antagonist with ease. Addison Timlin also delivers an impressive performance as Angela Argo; she manages to portray both vulnerability and manipulation seamlessly.

The cinematography is another standout element in Submission. The camera work adds depth to the story, focusing on the characters’ facial expressions during crucial moments rather than relying on dialogue alone. The production design also deserves praise; it captures the atmosphere of academia perfectly with its hues of brown and beige colors in classrooms, libraries, and faculty offices.

The score contributes significantly to building tension throughout the narrative effectively. It helps maintain an uneasy feeling throughout most scenes that reflect each character’s innermost conflicts.

Overall though I have some reservations about this movie—its pacing feels slow at times which could lead viewers’ attention waning at points—but my feelings about how Submission made me feel are what resonated deeply within me after watching it – that power dynamics within educational institutions can be much more complicated than we initially perceive them.

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In conclusion, Submission offers a powerful commentary on consent issues prevalent within academic systems worldwide while providing excellent performances from its cast members and smart direction from Levine. I would recommend Submission to anyone who is looking for a thought-provoking drama film that sheds light on a crucial issue in our society.

Release : 2019-09-19

Genre : Drama

Runtime : 94

Home Page :

Company : Foretress Films, Lingo Films, Skyline Post

Cast : Scott Pryor as Bear, Darrin Henson as Cowboy, Eric Roberts as Coach Bronx, Lorynn York as Summer, Kevin Sizemore as Dr. Anthony ‘Rev’ Moore

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