Song Without a Name 2020 Movie Review

Movie Review: Song Without a Name 2020

As a movie lover, I recently watched the Peruvian film “Song Without a Name” and I must say that it was an emotional roller coaster ride. The plotline of this movie revolves around the story of a mother who gives birth to her child at a clinic in Peru, only to have her newborn daughter stolen from her.

The acting in this movie was soulful and genuine. The lead actor Pamela Mendoza who plays Georgina – the mother- delivered outstanding performances with raw emotion and impeccable timing. Her character represented the struggles of every single mother who has ever faced any form of injustice in their lives.

The direction by Melina León is another aspect worth mentioning. She has portrayed each shot with such depth that even though the film is entirely in black and white, you can still see all the colors of despair on every frame. Every moment was captured so candidly that you feel as if you were part of this fictional world.

The score and cinematography complemented each other so well that it felt like watching an old classic through modern-day lenses. It was an entire package reflecting both history and modernity perfectly blended together.

What I loved most about “Song Without a Name” was its ability to make me truly empathize with its characters’ pain, making it impossible for me to keep my emotions under control throughout the movie’s duration. It also highlighted important social issues such as child trafficking – something prevalent not only in Peru but across many countries- which made it all too real for me.

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While some might criticize certain aspects like editing or dialogues (which could have been more engaging), one cannot deny how impactful this film is overall.

In conclusion, “Song Without a Name” is an impeccably crafted piece that tells an amazing tale which will leave viewers moved long after they have left their seats. With its incredible acting, impressive cinematography coupled with custom-tailored score -it’s definitely one worth watching. You will feel both immersed and emotionally touched by the story, while learning important lessons on social issues around us.

Release : 2020-01-23

Genre : Drama

Runtime : 97

Home Page :

Company : La Vida Misma Films, Mgc Marketing, La Mula Producciones

Cast : Pamela Mendoza as Georgina Condori, Tommy Párraga as Pedro Campos, Lucio Rojas as Leo, Maykol Hernández as Isa, Ruth Armas as Marta

Song Without a Name | Trailer official trailer

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