Slice of Life: A Review of Ham on Rye 2019

Movie Review: Ham on Rye 2019

As far as coming-of-age stories go, Ham on Rye is one of the most gut-wrenching and emotionally impactful ones out there. Director Tyler Taormina has created a hauntingly beautiful film that delves into the trials and tribulations of adolescence with great depth and nuance.

What really resonated with me about Ham on Rye was its portrayal of loneliness and alienation. The protagonist, a young boy named Haley (played brilliantly by newcomer Haley Bodell), is constantly struggling to find his place in a world that seems determined to reject him at every turn. The angst and frustration he feels are palpable, and I found myself drawn into his plight in a very visceral way.

The acting across the board is superb. Bodell is a revelation as Haley – she captures the character’s complex mix of vulnerability, defiance, and longing to belong with incredible skill. The supporting cast also shines – particularly Sam Hernandez as Haley’s best friend Billy, whose own struggles with identity are woven seamlessly into the story.

Visually speaking, Ham on Rye is an absolute feast for the eyes. Taormina’s direction emphasizes subtle details like framing and composition to create an atmosphere that’s both nostalgic and unsettling. The score by Joseph Karam beautifully underscores the mood of each scene without ever overwhelming it.

I would be remiss not to mention how effectively Ham on Rye tackles some heavy topics like suicide, mental illness, homophobia etc without ever feeling preachy or heavy-handed.

There were few moments where I felt like the story moved too slowly or lacked clarity in certain areas but this didn’t take away from my overall experience watching this unique piece of cinema

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In sum: whether you’re looking for something thought-provoking or just want to lose yourself in some gorgeous filmmaking for an hour-and-a-half; Ham on Rye will leave you moved, challenged or possibly even haunted long after it ends if not all of the above. Recommended.

Release : 2019-08-10

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Mystery

Runtime : 85

Home Page :

Company : Omnes Films, Tago Clearing Film Studio

Cast : Haley Bodell as Haley, Cole Devine as Sloan, Hal Rothwell as Nicholas, Audrey Boos as Gwen, Gabriella Herrera as Trish

Ham on Rye Theatrical Trailer official trailer

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