Shooting Clerks 2016 Movie Review

Movie Review: Shooting Clerks 2016

As a movie critic, I recently had the pleasure of watching “Shooting Clerks”, a film that took me on a nostalgic journey back to the 90s. The independent comedy-drama is based on the making of Kevin Smith’s cult classic “Clerks” and depicts the struggles and triumphs of its director, casting crew, and production team.

Firstly, I must commend director Christopher Downie for his excellent direction that pays homage to Kevin Smith’s style but also gives it his own creative edge. The film features strong performances from its ensemble cast, with notable portrayals by Mark Frost as Kevin Smith, Chris Bain as Jeff Anderson, and Stephanie Price as Lisa Spoonhauer.

The production design is spot-on in recreating New Jersey convenience store locations of the original film. The score by Spencer Hannabuss complements the movie’s themes beautifully. Hannabuss’ music elevates regular scenes with subtle soundtracking.

However, some aspects could have been improved upon; certain sequences dragged on too long or were unnecessary. At times it felt like they included some scenes without any apparent significance or relevance to plot development – yet overall these moments did not detract significantly from my enjoyment of the movie.

What stood out for me was how well “Shooting Clerks” captured the sprit of indie filmmaking in general: financial challenges and sacrifices made to pursue one’s passion became visible through challenging times throughout their struggles with post-production stage work.

In conclusion Shooting Clerks showcases phenomenal storytelling skills that highlight various critical elements in making a motion picture come to life – perseverance,sacrifice,humility,payoffs etc. It’s an experience worth having for both die-hard fans and individuals who aren’t familiar with “Clerks.” It provides an honest insight into what goes into creating such legendary films while delivering touching moments intertwined with humor throughout.

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Release : 2016-11-11

Genre : Comedy, Drama

Runtime : 105

Home Page :

Company : Auld Reekie Media

Cast : Kevin Smith as Narrator / Larkin Eve, Jason Mewes as Wes Jameson, Brian O’Halloran as Elis Heimermann, Marilyn Ghigliotti as Ali Thomlyn, Matthew Postlethwaite as Walt Flanagan

Shooting Clerks Teaser Trailer official trailer

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