She’s Just a Shadow 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: She’s Just a Shadow 2019

As I walked out of the cinema, I was left with a feeling of unease, confusion and slight irritation. She’s Just a Shadow, directed by Adam Sherman, tells the story of a Tokyo-based crime lord named Dori Sakurada and his relationship with his mistress/henchwoman. It has all the ingredients for an intense thriller – sex, drugs and violence – but something felt off throughout the movie.

The plot starts off strong, showing us how powerful Dori is in the criminal underworld and introducing us to his various henchmen. However, as the movie progresses it turns into a convoluted mess with too many subplots that go nowhere. The tangential stories only served to distract from Dori’s main story arc making it difficult to keep track of what was going on.

The acting also left me feeling underwhelmed as most performances were stilted and lacked emotion behind them. The characters themselves were not well fleshed out, leaving little reason for me to care about their fates throughout the movie.

On the positive side, cinematography was one area where Sherman shone through; using beautiful shots filled with vibrant colours that captured Tokyo’s neon-soaked cityscape perfectly. The use of slow-motion sequences mixed up with sudden cuts increased tension well in scenes that should be intense.

However beautiful though they may be, these shots try too hard at being artsy rather than furthering any plot or character development which just added more problems instead of solutions for moviegoers trying understand what’s happening in this complex yet shallow narrative

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The score did little justice to amplify emotions on screen due to its inconsistent usage apart from some scenes where it worked brilliantly but otherwise didn’t mesh well throughout.

Overall She’s Just a Shadow fell short – definitely not worth your time or money given its lackluster performances and disorienting subplots . A frustrating experience that tries desperately hard to achieve greatness without sticking enough of the landing to warrant a recommendation.

Release : 2019-07-19

Genre : Crime, Thriller, Drama

Runtime : 117

Home Page :

Company : Michaelgion

Cast : Tao Okamoto as Irene, Haruka Abe as Tanya, Kihiro as Gaven, Kentez Asaka as Red Hot, Mercedes Maxwell as Beth

SHE’S JUST A SHADOW Official Trailer (2019) Thriller Movie HD official trailer

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