Sharks of the Corn 2021 Movie Review

Title: Sharks of the Corn: A Surprising Slice of Cinematic Delight

Sharks of the Corn is a wild ride that will have you gripping the edge of your seat, combining elements of horror, comedy, and a dash of absurdity. Directed by Jimmy Lee Combs, this 2021 film takes an imaginative spin on the classic concept of sharks lurking in the depths.

The plot follows a group of vacationers who unwittingly stumble upon a small town haunted by carnivorous sharks swimming through cornfields. At first glance, it may sound outrageous, but it’s precisely this unique premise that lends Sharks of the Corn its charm and sets it apart from traditional creature features.

The standout feature in this film is undoubtedly the acting. The cast fully commits to their roles, elevating what could have been mere caricatures into genuine characters with depth and personality. Particularly noteworthy is Angela Mayfield as Sarah Johnson, whose portrayal captures both vulnerability and determination as she navigates the horrors unfolding around her.

Director Jimmy Lee Combs brings his vision to life with skillful direction. He strikes a delicate balance between horror and comedy, ensuring that neither aspect overwhelms the other. Combs infuses scenes with suspenseful tension while also providing moments of levity that serve as welcome relief from the intensity.

The score adds another layer to Sharks of the Corn’s overall atmospheric experience. From eerie melodies that heighten suspense to more lighthearted compositions during comedic moments, each musical choice enhances both emotions and immersion within the story.

Cinematography plays a crucial role in creating an eerie ambiance throughout the film. Sweeping shots capture the vastness of cornfields juxtaposed against claustrophobic sequences where characters find themselves face-to-face with their toothy adversaries lurking in their midst.

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Production design showcases attention to detail, depicting an idyllic rural town whose peaceful facade conceals its dark secret: sharks among its corn. The juxtaposition of picturesque landscapes against the lurking danger adds an extra layer of unsettling tension.

Special effects deserve applause for their seamless integration. While the budget may not rival blockbuster productions, the team successfully creates convincing shark encounters that keep the audience on edge. Practical effects are used effectively to heighten suspense and underscore the danger faced by our protagonists.

Editing plays a crucial role in maintaining a steady pace throughout Sharks of the Corn. Without overstaying its welcome, it keeps viewers engaged with well-timed cuts that allow for breath-catching moments before diving back into the action.

While dialogue occasionally dips into cheesy territory, it fits well within Sharks of the Corn’s overall B-movie charm. The self-awareness and humor woven into conversations add an extra layer of enjoyment – in this case, embracing its quirks rather than detracting from them.

But what truly resonates with Sharks of the Corn is how it made me feel – pure delight mixed with unexpected thrills. This film leans into its own absurdity and emerges triumphant, reminding us that sometimes cinema is at its best when it embraces unapologetic creativity.

Despite some flaws and occasional campiness, Sharks of the Corn delivers an entertaining experience that will leave viewers entertained and possibly even craving some buttery popcorn. So grab your life jacket, buckle up for some chills among cornstalks, and prepare yourself for an adventure you won’t soon forget!

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Sharks of the Corn 2021

Release : 2021-02-25
Genre : Horror
Runtime : 105
Home Page :
IMDb Page :
Company :
Cast : Shannon Stockin as Shark Goddess, Ford Windstar as Jonathan Gottlieb, Steven Guynn as Tedd, Casey Miracle as Benchley, Al Nicolosi as Kramer
Tagline: You’re gonna get stalked!
Overview : Strange things are happening in Druid Hills, Kentucky, known mainly for its voluminous corn output. Victims of monsters in cornfields begin cropping up, and witnesses are saying there are large Great White sharks swimming in the corn stalks.