SGT. Will Gardner 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: SGT. Will Gardner 2019

I recently watched the movie SGT. Will Gardner and was thoroughly impressed by it. The film follows the story of a veteran, Will Gardner, who is struggling with PTSD and embarks on a journey across America in an attempt to find himself.

One of the standout features for me was the acting. Max Martini, who plays Will Gardner, gives a powerful performance that truly captures the emotional turmoil that comes with PTSD. The supporting cast, including Omari Hardwick and Lily Rabe, also give strong performances that help drive the story.

The cinematography was another aspect of the film that stood out to me. From sweeping shots of American landscapes to intimate close-ups of characters’ faces, every shot felt masterfully crafted and helped enhance the emotional impact of each scene.

The score was also incredibly well done. It was subtle enough not to overpower any scenes but still added an extra layer of emotion to each moment.

One thing I did find slightly lacking though was some parts of the plot felt somewhat predictable and cliché at times. However, this didn’t detract too much from my overall enjoyment of the movie.

What really resonated with me about SGT. Will Gardner is its powerful message about mental health in veterans and how important it is to talk about these issues openly in society today. The film tackles these difficult issues head-on with honesty and sensitivity.

Overall, I would highly recommend SGT. Will Gardner as a thought-provoking and impactful movie that beautifully portrays one man’s journey towards healing his innermost wounds from war through confronting his past demons while embarking on self-discovery along America’s highways embracing nature’s splendor while meeting kindred spirits before returning home to face his reality which brings into perspective how we need more support systems for our veterans’ transition back into civilian life with all its challenges they may encounter after leaving active service; this film shows us why as civilians we must continue its support through our words, actions, and policies that matter.

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Release : 2019-01-11

Genre : War, Action, Adventure, Drama

Runtime : 125

Home Page :

Company : Mona Vista Productions

Cast : Max Martini as Will “Ghost” Gardner, Omari Hardwick as Samuel ‘Top’ Gallegos, Lily Rabe as Mary-Anne Mackey, Robert Patrick as Tony, Elisabeth Röhm as Kimmy

SGT Will Gardner – Official Trailer Max Martini, Omari Hardwick, Gary Sinise official trailer

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