Rushed 2021 Movie Review

Movie Review: Rushed 2021

Title: Rushed: A Heart-Pounding Rollercoaster of Emotions

In a world where time is always racing against us, “Rushed” takes us on an exhilarating journey that will have your heart pounding from start to finish. This indie thriller, directed by Vibeke Muasya, crafts a nail-biting narrative that cleverly blends suspense and gut-wrenching emotions into one powerful package.

The plot of “Rushed” centers around Barbara O’Brien (played by Siobhan Fallon Hogan), a mother determined to save her son Alex (played by Jake Weary) who has fallen prey to the claws of addiction. With desperation driving her every move, Barbara resorts to taking justice into her own hands when she realizes the traditional systems have failed them both. The film tackles the complexities of addiction and showcases the lengths a mother will go for her child’s well-being.

Hogan delivers a gripping performance as Barbara O’Brien. Her portrayal is raw and authentic, capturing both vulnerability and fierceness in equal measure. We witness the depth of love for her troubled son which drives her actions throughout the film. It’s difficult not to empathize with Barbara’s plight, making her an instantly relatable character.

Muasya’s direction adds an extra layer of intensity to “Rushed.” Through skillful pacing and thoughtful camera work, we are made part of Barbara’s chaotic world as it crumbles around her. Muasya effectively builds tension scene after scene but also knows when to provide brief moments of respite before plunging us back into uncertainty.

The score composed by Peter Gagné serves as an invisible character within itself. With haunting melodies and pulse-pounding rhythms expertly woven together, it heightens every emotional beat within the film. As our hearts race along with Barbara’s, Gagné’s music amplifies our connection with the characters on screen.

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Cinematography plays a vital role in capturing the essence of “Rushed.” The gritty urban landscapes and dimly lit interiors provide a stark backdrop, mirroring the somber tones of both addiction and desperation. These visuals build a sense of claustrophobia, trapping us alongside Barbara in her relentless pursuit.

While “Rushed” occasionally stumbles in its dialogue, it manages to maintain enough authenticity to keep audiences engaged. Some exchanges feel contrived and could benefit from more subtlety, but these moments are overshadowed by the overall intensity of the story.

The production design excels in reflecting the chaos unfolding on screen. From cluttered apartments to harrowing hospital rooms, every set feels meticulously crafted to mirror the emotional turmoil experienced by its characters. It’s as if the environment itself becomes an active participant in their struggles.

Special effects are sparingly used in “Rushed,” which contributes to its raw authenticity. When employed, however, they serve their purpose effectively, amplifying impactful moments without overpowering them or detracting from the film’s grounded nature.

Editing plays a crucial role in maintaining momentum throughout this thrilling journey. Expert cuts and seamless transitions immerse us deeper into Barbara’s world while never disorienting or confusing us along the way.

Ultimately, what resonated most with me about “Rushed” was its deeply emotional core. The film captures love and desperation with such intensity that it becomes impossible not to be pulled into Barbara’s anguish. It evokes a profound sense of empathy within viewers who find themselves grappling with difficult decisions faced by countless families dealing with addiction.

In conclusion, “Rushed” is an intense rollercoaster ride that demands your undivided attention from start to finish. Its captivating performances, gripping direction, engrossing score, and immersive production design all contribute to making this film an emotionally charged experience that will resonate long after leaving the theater (or finishing your streaming marathon at home).

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Release : 2021-08-27

Genre : Mystery, Thriller, Horror, Drama

Runtime : 101

Home Page :

Company : Vertical Entertainment

Cast : Siobhan Fallon Hogan as Barbara O’Brien, Robert Patrick as Jim O’Brien, Jake Weary as Steven Croission, Peri Gilpin as Mrs. Donohue, Lily Rosenthal as Kelly O’Brien

Rushed | Official Trailer (HD) | Vertical Entertainment official trailer

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