Ranchlands 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Ranchlands 2019

As a movie critic, I recently had the opportunity to watch the film “Ranchlands” and to put it simply, I was impressed. The movie is a visually stunning masterpiece that transports the viewer into a world of breathtaking landscapes and vivid characters.

The plot is centered around the life of Joe Wade, played by acclaimed actor Treat Williams. Joe is a rancher who has spent his whole life working on his family’s land in Montana. However, he is faced with a tough decision when he discovers that his son has been killing off wolves in order to protect their cattle. The film follows Joe as he grapples with this problem and tries to find a way to save both his family’s ranch and the wolves.

The acting performances are truly outstanding in this film. Treat Williams delivers an emotionally powerful performance as Joe Wade, bringing depth and complexity to his character. Additionally, Kevin Kilner gives an incredibly nuanced performance as Joe’s son Jim Wade who is torn between loyalty to his father and responsibility towards protecting their animals against wolves.

The direction of “Ranchlands” by Chris Cain showcases magnificent panoramic shots of Montana landscapes that are truly breathtaking. The cinematography work captures every detail beautifully: from rolling hillsides covered with flowing green grasses; peaceful streams winding through lush forests; serene sunsets painting wide horizons into golden hues – never missing any opportunity for grandeur storytelling moments.

Moreover, production design stands out in all its details —the period-accurate costumes worn by actors suggest independence during times of economic hardship while highlighting how brutal weather conditions can make rural environments unlivable without proper gear.

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Special effects-wise Ranchlands does not go overboard but still manages to bring realism on board through subtle techniques such as animal behavior knowledge or landscape design choices enabling viewers’ immersion within these environments even more so than they would otherwise be capable.

Editing effectively navigates slower moments where time can be more drawn-out than necessary with tension-filled sequences that keep audiences at the edge of their seats – suspenseful music score strikes a perfect balance that adds to the overall feel of the film.

The dialog is well-crafted and provides insight into each character’s thoughts, feelings, and motives throughout the story. The film is a wonderful roller coaster of emotions that explores themes such as loyalty, responsibility, family dynamics as well as environmental concerns.

Overall, I strongly recommend “Ranchlands” for anyone who loves great storytelling through stunning visuals and captivating performances. The movie tugs at your heartstrings while keeping you engaged from start-to-finish. Although there are some brief moments it may be slow-paced for some viewers, this movie ultimately delivers a deeply affecting cinematic experience with its exceptional direction, brilliant cinematography work & stunning performances making it a must-watch!

Release : 2019-09-01

Genre : Drama

Runtime : 69

Home Page : http://ranchlandsthemovie.com

Company : FilmProjects.org

Cast : Nick Molari as Tyler, Burton Binder as Billy, Philip Rossi, Zachary Beck, Kim Marie Cooper

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