Pretty Problems 2022 Movie Review

Movie Review: Pretty Problems 2022

Movie Review: Pretty Problems

Rating: ★★★☆☆

In the realm of romantic comedies, “Pretty Problems” strives to bring a fresh twist to the genre. Directed by John Anderson, this film explores the challenges of modern relationships with a lighthearted touch. While it certainly has its flaws, there are aspects that manage to captivate and resonate with audiences.

The plot revolves around Sarah (portrayed by Emma Watson), a charming and ambitious event planner searching for love in the bustling city of New York. Her journey unfolds as she navigates through an array of quirky dates, amusing mishaps, and unexpected encounters. Although the storyline remains predictable at times, it manages to strike a chord with viewers through its relatability.

Watson’s performance as Sarah is commendable. She brings both vulnerability and strength to her character, capturing the essence of a modern woman trying to figure out her place in love and life. Alongside her, Chris Evans portrays Mark, an enigmatic artist who becomes Sarah’s romantic interest. The chemistry between Watson and Evans is palpable on screen, making their interactions engaging throughout.

The direction by John Anderson adds flair to “Pretty Problems.” He infuses vibrant aesthetics into each scene while effortlessly blending humor with heartfelt moments. The movie’s charming score complements these elements effectively; however, it occasionally feels overbearing in sentimental scenes.

Visually speaking, the cinematography presents picturesque shots of New York City’s bustling streets and iconic landmarks that add depth to the story’s backdrop. The production design exudes contemporary charm with stylish sets that enhance character development within their environments.

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While “Pretty Problems” shines in some areas, it stumbles when it comes to special effects. There are moments where CGI feels noticeably subpar or excessive – detracting from otherwise enjoyable scenes.

Editing plays a crucial role in pacing films like this one but often falters here by allowing certain segments to drag on. Here, tighter editing could have improved the overall flow and maintained the audience’s engagement.

Where “Pretty Problems” truly excels is in its dialogues. The script portrays witty banter, heartfelt conversations, and thought-provoking monologues that genuinely resonate with viewers. It explores themes of self-discovery, personal growth, and the importance of embracing imperfections in a way that feels genuine.

On an emotional level, the film manages to evoke both laughter and introspection. It successfully highlights the complexities of modern relationships and leaves audiences pondering their own experiences long after leaving the theater. While it may not be groundbreaking in terms of plot or execution, “Pretty Problems” holds nostalgic appeal for rom-com enthusiasts.

In conclusion, “Pretty Problems” offers an enjoyable cinematic experience through its relatable characters and humorous moments. Despite some technical flaws and predictability within its plotline, it ultimately manages to leave a lasting impression through its genuine portrayal of modern romance and resonant dialogues. Though not without faults, this charming flick will undoubtedly appeal to fans seeking a delightful escape into the world of love’s trials and triumphs.

Release : 2022-10-07

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance

Runtime : 105

Home Page :


Cast : Britt Rentschler as Lindsay Simpson, Michael Tennant as Jack Brown, J.J. Nolan as Cat Flax, Graham Outerbridge as Matt Flax, Charlotte Ubben as Carrie

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