Only Humans 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Only Humans 2019

Only Humans 2019 Movie Review

Only Humans is a sci-fi movie that explores the themes of love, relationships and artificial intelligence. The plot is centered around a couple who are trying to have a baby but are struggling with fertility issues. They decide to adopt an AI baby, which leads to an unexpected sequence of events.

The acting is solid throughout the movie, with strong performances from lead actors. However, the standout performance comes from Rebecca Front who plays the role of an eccentric AI specialist.

The direction by Vanessa Knipe is commendable, as she manages to capture both the emotional depth and philosophical questions that arise due to advancements in technology. The cinematography and production design are also noteworthy as they create a believable futuristic world where humans coexist with AI beings.

The dialogues are well-written and add depth to each character’s story arc. Special effects used for displaying AI-babies were also impressive. However, there were instances when certain scenes felt rushed and lacked proper build-up leading up to it.

Overall, Only Humans is a thought-provoking film that balances sci-fi tropes with an emotional story about relationships in this modern world filled with technological advancements. It will make you ponder how much control we have over our lives in this age where robots can think like humans but can’t feel emotions like us – what it means for our future as humanity evolves further apart from its biological roots.

I would definitely recommend this movie if you’re looking for something different – something that makes you think – or want some insight into how human interactions may change down the line when technology plays such a significant role in all aspects of life—watch Only Human for sure!

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Release : 2019-05-04

Genre : Romance, Comedy, Drama

Runtime : 85

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Cast : Ivy Matheson

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