Once Upon a River 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Once Upon a River 2019

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“Once Upon a River” is an enchanting drama film that takes viewers on a journey through the heart of rural America in the early 20th century. Set along the banks of the majestic Mississippi River, the movie follows young Margo Crane (Kenadi DelaCerna) as she embarks on a quest to find her estranged mother.

Along the way, Margo encounters a host of colorful characters who help shape her understanding of herself and her place in the world. From her ruggedly independent grandfather (Tatanka Means) to kindhearted riverboat musician Eustace (John Ashton), Margo is forced to confront both internal and external challenges as she navigates this treacherous landscape.

With visually stunning cinematography that captures both the beauty and danger of life along the river, “Once Upon a River” is a captivating tale that will leave audiences spellbound from beginning to end.”

Release : 2019-05-10

Genre : Drama

Runtime : 92

Home Page :

Company : River Run Films, Thirty Tigers, Chicago Media Angels

Cast : Kenadi DelaCerna, John Ashton, Tatanka Means, Lindsay Pulsipher, Ajuawak Kapashesit

Once Upon a River – trailer legendado official trailer

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