On the Count of Three 2022 Movie Review

Movie Review: On the Count of Three 2022

Title: On the Count of Three – A Gripping and Thought-Provoking Rollercoaster

Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

On the Count of Three is a riveting indie film that delves deep into the complexities of friendship, mental health, and the human condition. Directed by Jerrod Carmichael and starring Jerrod Carmichael himself alongside Christopher Abbott, this dark comedy-drama takes viewers on an emotionally charged rollercoaster ride.

The plot revolves around two best friends, Val (Jerrod Carmichael) and Kevin (Christopher Abbott), who make a pact to end their lives together on a count of three. This premise may sound bleak, but Carmichael’s clever screenplay manages to seamlessly interweave moments of heart-wrenching vulnerability with dark humor. It poses profound questions about life’s struggles while allowing us to explore uncharted territories rarely touched upon in mainstream cinema.

Both Carmichael and Abbott deliver outstanding performances that delve fearlessly into the chaotic minds of their troubled characters. Their chemistry is palpable, effortlessly capturing the essence of a decades-long bond torn apart by their individual inner demons. As we witness their bittersweet journey towards self-realization, we are reminded that true friendship can be both beautiful and destructive at once.

Carmichael’s directorial debut shines through his poignant storytelling choices. The pacing throughout On the Count of Three remains tight and intense as we navigate its unpredictable narrative twists. The muted color palette aptly mirrors the somber themes explored in this tale while emphasizing emotional nuance.

The score heightens tension when necessary but also knows how to allow silence to speak volumes during crucial pivotal moments. The cinematography astutely captures the raw emotions coursing through each scene—close-ups highlighting every tear-filled eye or tense smile further intensify our connection with these flawed characters.

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Production design plays an essential role in creating an authentic backdrop for this emotional rollercoaster ride. From the dilapidated apartment complexes to the gritty streets of their hometown, no detail is overlooked—immersing viewers into the characters’ stark reality.

While On the Count of Three excels in many areas, it falters slightly in its execution of special effects. Some climactic sequences would have benefited from a subtler approach. The occasional reliance on flashy visuals interrupted the film’s raw authenticity and emotional impact.

The editing, for the most part, was seamless; however, there were moments where certain scenes could have been trimmed to maintain a consistently gripping pace throughout. Nonetheless, these minor flaws don’t detract significantly from the overall power and impact of this thought-provoking film.

In conclusion, On the Count of Three is an unflinchingly honest exploration of friendship and mental health that leaves a lasting impression. Its powerful performances alongside insightful direction make for an unforgettable cinematic experience. While not without its imperfections, this dark comedy-drama reminds us that life is complicated but worth exploring—even when all seems lost.

Prepare yourself for an emotionally charged journey as On The Count Of Three pulls you into its world and challenges your notions of strength and connection—a rare gem deserving recognition in today’s film landscape.

Release : 2022-05-13

Genre : Comedy, Drama

Runtime : 86

Home Page : https://annapurna.pictures/film/on-the-count-of-three/

Company : Valparaiso Pictures, Werner Entertainment, Morningside Entertainment

Cast : Jerrod Carmichael as Val, Christopher Abbott as Kevin, Tiffany Haddish as Natasha, Lavell Crawford as Donny, J.B. Smoove as Lyndell

On The Count of Three | Official Trailer | Hulu official trailer

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