North Hollywood 2021 Movie Review

Movie Review: North Hollywood 2021

Title: North Hollywood – An Exhilarating Journey into Skateboard Culture

Rating: ★★★★☆

North Hollywood is a refreshing coming-of-age film that seamlessly captures the essence of skateboarding culture. Directed by Mikey Alfred, this indie gem takes viewers on a thrilling journey through the eyes of its young protagonist, Michael, as he navigates his dreams and struggles in pursuit of becoming a professional skateboarder.

The plot follows Michael as he confronts societal expectations and battles against his disapproving father’s ambitions for him to attend college. Instead, he wholeheartedly dedicates himself to perfecting his skills at the local skatepark, driven by his undying passion for skateboarding.

Judd Apatow’s insightful screenplay manages to strike a perfect balance between heartwarming moments and intense drama. It explores themes of identity, friendship, sacrifice, and the pursuit of personal dreams with both depth and subtlety.

Ryder McLaughlin’s portrayal of Michael is incredibly authentic and relatable. He effortlessly brings out the character’s vulnerability while showcasing his determination through breathtaking skateboarding sequences. Blake Anderson delivers a memorable performance as Michael’s goofy yet supportive best friend Chris, adding comedic relief during pivotal moments.

Mikey Alfred showcases immense directorial talent within an indie budget framework. The film boasts an intimate aesthetic that enriches the viewing experience by making us feel like we’re part of this tight-knit community – capturing every gritty detail with precision.

The cinematography impressively captures the energy and adrenaline rush inherent in skateboarding culture. The wide-angle shots perfectly encapsulate each trick performed on screen while also emphasizing the dynamic skating locations throughout Los Angeles.

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The production design immerses us in North Hollywood’s world flawlessly; from graffiti-covered walls to rundown buildings covered with stickers – it all enhances our understanding of this subculture where self-expression reigns supreme.

While some areas could have been further refined (especially in terms of pacing and character development), the film’s raw authenticity more than compensates for any minor shortcomings. The seamless integration of practical effects, like the highly realistic skateboarding stunts, further adds to the movie’s overall credibility.

North Hollywood is a love letter to skateboarders worldwide and anyone captivated by the pursuit of their passions against all odds. It masterfully captures how following dreams can be both exhilarating and challenging. As an audience member, I found myself immersed in Michael’s journey, feeling every triumph and setback along with him.

This film resonated deeply with me due to its ability to capture the essence of youth culture, self-discovery, and determination. Through Michael’s story, North Hollywood showcases that chasing one’s dreams often means defying societal conventions – a message that will resonate with everyone striving to carve their own path in life.

Overall, North Hollywood is a commendable indie film that deserves recognition for its compelling storytelling, remarkable performances, stunning cinematography, and accurate depiction of skateboarding culture. It left me inspired and reminded me of the importance of staying true to oneself while fearlessly pursuing what sets our souls on fire.

Release : 2021-04-08

Genre : Drama, Comedy

Runtime : 94

Home Page :

Company : Illegal Civilization

Cast : Ryder McLaughlin as Michael, Miranda Cosgrove as Rachel, Vince Vaughn as Oliver, Angus Cloud as Walker, Nico Hiraga as Jay

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