Noah Land 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Noah Land 2019

Noah Land is a beautiful and thought-provoking film that takes you on an emotional journey. The movie tells the story of a man, Noah, who has lost everything and decides to live off the grid in the mountains. The plot seems simple, but as the movie unfolds, it becomes clear that there is more to this story.

The acting in this film is outstanding. Harry Lennix gives a powerful performance as Noah, conveying both his pain and his resilience with ease. The supporting cast is also impressive, creating characters that are both authentic and relatable.

The direction by C.Wrenn Ball is top-notch – he brings out all of the nuances of the script with skillful precision. The score by Dara Taylor fits perfectly with each scene and enhances every emotion portrayed on screen.

Cinematography by Ryan Hasey adds to the overall aesthetic feel of this film – from sweeping landscapes to intimate moments between characters; every shot feels carefully considered.

Production design by Jameson Steiner adds an extra touch of realism that immerses you into Noah’s world completely. There are moments where you can almost feel yourself breathing in fresh mountain air or feeling your feet sinking into dewy grass.

Special effects were minimal but used when they were needed most effectively without overwhelming production design or story line.

Editing done by Peter Brinckerhoff knits together all elements perfectly making sure every moment was meaningful and resonating with audience long after they have left cinemas

Dialogues feel naturalistic and well scripted adding further depth to already multidimensional characters which played out beautifully on screen

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What really resonated me about this movie was its message about resilience and healing after trauma – no matter how great it may seem – everyone should endeavour to find peace within themselves.. Although it tackles deeply personal themes at times- as someone who struggled with anxiety myself- I found relatability within exploring one’s own headspace while navigating life.

Overall, Noah Land is a captivating and emotionally charged film that is definitely worth watching. If you are seeking for something to soothe your soul or looking for an escape from everyday life, this movie is just what you need.

Release : 2019-09-29

Genre : Drama

Runtime : 109

Home Page :

Company : Us Film, Klinkerfilm, Two Thirty Five Production

Cast : Haluk Bilginer as Ibrahim, Ali Atay as Ömer, Mehmet Özgür as Cevdet, Hande Doğandemir as Elif, Arın Kuşaksızoğlu as Ahmet

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