My Name Is Sara 2020 Movie Review

Movie Review: My Name Is Sara 2020

My Name Is Sara is a breathtaking Holocaust film that documents the incredible true story of Sara Goralnik, a young Jewish girl living in Poland during World War II. The movie does an exceptional job of capturing the horrific experiences that many Jews faced during the war, while also highlighting the importance of hope and resilience in dire circumstances.

The plot of My Name Is Sara is gripping from start to finish. It details Sara’s journey from a carefree young girl to a victim of prejudice and oppression. The story is more than just historical documentation; it offers insight into what life was like for those who had to struggle with constant terror and danger.

Zuzanna Surowy plays an unforgettable role as an older version of Sarah, reflecting on her heartbreaking past while also channeling strength and wisdom beyond her years. Young actress Erika Grendelova delivers an outstanding performance as young Sara, exuding innocence and courage through her captivating screen presence.

The direction by Steven Oritt is masterful, making sure every shot has purpose in telling the story. The score by Ben Solovey adds emotional depth to each scene without overdoing it or feeling forced.

Cinematography dazzles through stunning shots in both Poland and America that capture moments with poignant beauty. Production design should be lauded for its attention to detail creating sets that feel authentic without becoming overwhelming or distracting from storytelling.

Special effects are used judiciously but effectively—most notable when showcasing Jewish prisoners being marched into concentration camps—and the editing transitions scenes seamlessly so viewers never miss out on vital information or emotional beats.

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Despite all these qualities, some parts can be quite heavy-handed, making it seem like they don’t trust their audience enough not to add unnecessary exposition lingering too much on Sarah’s religious beliefs rather than on how she survived by wits alone would have made My Name Is Sara even more effective horror movie instead focusing too much on resilience seen countless times before in similar Holocaust films.

In conclusion, My Name Is Sara is a powerful and heart-wrenching film that tells an important story about resilience in the midst of unimaginable horror. With excellent direction, amazing performances, and great production values, it’s a must-watch for those interested in the Holocaust. It’s not perfect but remains an impressive example of Holocaust cinema that inspires while also chilling your bones.

Release : 2020-02-27

Genre : History, Drama

Runtime : 111

Home Page :

Company : James Lucy Productions, Watchout Productions

Cast : Zuzanna Surowy as Sara, Konrad Cichon as Moishe, Michalina Olszańska as Nadya, Eryk Lubos as Pavlo, Iwona Bielska as Vira Ivanenko

My Name Is Sara – Official US Trailer official trailer

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