Music 2021 Movie Review

Movie Review: Music 2021

Title: Music – A Vibrant Harmony of Expression

“Music” is an audacious and visually stunning musical drama directed by the talented Sia. It embarks on an emotional journey that explores themes of love, family, and personal growth. While it gracefully dances between joyous moments and painful realities, this film leaves a lasting impact through its exceptional performances, heartfelt storytelling, and mesmerizing visual aesthetics.

The plot revolves around Zu (played by Kate Hudson), a troubled but well-meaning soul who becomes the unexpected guardian of her young autistic sister named Music (portrayed beautifully by Maddie Ziegler). As Zu navigates the challenges of caring for her sister while pursuing her own dreams, she discovers the transformative power of music as a means to truly connect with others.

Undoubtedly, Maddie Ziegler’s portrayal of Music stands out as one of the most remarkable aspects of this film. Through intense physicality and powerful facial expressions, she authentically captures both the joys and struggles experienced by individuals on the autism spectrum. Her performance is profoundly touching; every movement feels purposeful in conveying Music’s rich inner world.

Kate Hudson delivers a compelling performance as Zu, bringing sincerity to her character’s journey from self-destruction to redemption. The chemistry between Hudson and Ziegler is palpable and adds depth to their characters’ fragile bond. The supporting cast also shines bright with strong performances from Leslie Odom Jr., who brings warmth and vulnerability to his role as Ebo.

Sia’s direction takes us on an immersive rollercoaster ride through vibrant sets that pulsate with color. The cinematography magnificently captures both intimate moments shared between characters and grandiose musical sequences that immerse us further into their emotions. Each shot feels meticulously crafted—a feast for our eyes that amplifies the film’s thematic resonance.

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The music itself acts as another character in “Music,” elevating every scene it graces. Sia’s evocative score, paired with powerful original songs, elicits a full range of emotions. From joy to heartache, the music serves as a conduit for the characters’ feelings and allows us to connect with them on a profound level.

The production design and special effects work seamlessly together, creating a vibrant visual landscape that mirrors Zu and Music’s imaginative worlds. The film’s attention to detail in capturing the sensory experiences of an individual on the autism spectrum is commendable, immersing the audience more deeply into their perspectives.

While “Music” successfully captures authenticity in many aspects, some critics argue that it portrays autism through a narrow lens. As reviewers, we must acknowledge this valid concern while also recognizing that Sia aimed to shed light on personal stories within a broader narrative structure.

In conclusion, “Music” is an emotionally charged film that celebrates love, resilience, and self-discovery. With its groundbreaking performances by Ziegler and Hudson combined with Sia’s creative direction and an extraordinary soundtrack, this movie leaves audiences moved by its compelling story. Despite controversy surrounding its portrayal of autism at times, “Music” undeniably succeeds in provoking thought-provoking discussions about empathy and understanding.

Prepare yourself for an immersive cinematic experience – one that will leave you humming tunes long after leaving the theater – as you journey alongside Zu and Music through their trials and triumphs. Let this enigmatic film resonate deep within your soul as you witness the transformative power of music unfold on screen.

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Release : 2021-01-14

Genre : Music, Drama

Runtime : 107

Home Page :

Company : Atlantic Films, Pineapple Lasagne Productions, Landay Entertainment

Cast : Kate Hudson as Zu, Leslie Odom Jr. as Ebo, Maddie Ziegler as Music, Mary Kay Place as Millie, Beto Calvillo as Felix

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