MBF: Man’s Best Friend 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: MBF: Man’s Best Friend 2019

MBF: Man’s Best Friend is a heartwarming and inspiring movie that tells the story of disabled veteran Brock, played by DJ Perry, and his journey to find purpose and redemption. The movie starts off with Brock coming back from war with severe PTSD and physical injuries. He’s lost everything he ever cared about, including his wife, children, and career.

Brock is struggling to cope with his new life as a disabled veteran when he meets Trigger, a service dog who helps him regain his confidence. Together they embark on a new path where they learn the true meaning of loyalty, friendship, and determination.

There are some remarkable performances in this film – especially from Perry himself as the lead character – but also from actor Kera O’Bryon playing Kelly Reardon alongside co-star Terrence ‘T.C.’ Carson playing Dr. Eric BreBruin who delivers some great lines throughout as he attempts to guide Brock through his challenges.

The film does an excellent job of telling an important story about our veterans’ struggles after returning home from combat. It shows how tough it can be for them to reintegrate back into society while dealing with their physical and emotional scars. The message that “hope is never out of reach” resonates powerfully throughout.

One aspect I particularly enjoyed was how it showcased how vital service dogs can be in aiding those struggling with disabilities or mental health issues. Their unwavering love truly does make all the difference.

Overall MBF: Man’s Best Friend is an engaging movie that will touch your heartstrings in ways you didn’t expect; it manages to blend humour alongside its poignant themes whilst delivering an impactful message at the same time; definitely worth watching if you enjoy feel-good movies that tackle challenging subjects whilst offering hope for tomorrow!

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Release : 2019-10-28

Genre : Drama, Family, War

Runtime : 129

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Cast : DJ Perry as Paul Landings, Garry Nation as Ed Hammins, Melissa Anschutz as Lisa Bixby, Dean Teaster as Quinn Sawyer, Curran Jacobs as Quincy Rowan

MBF: Man’s Best Friend 1st Official Trailer official trailer

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