Mayday 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Mayday 2019

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Mayday 2019 is a tense and thrilling aviation disaster film that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The story follows a group of young female pilots who are forced to take control of their failing plane when both its pilot and co-pilot are suddenly incapacitated mid-flight. With only limited experience and resources at their disposal, the pilots must make quick and difficult decisions to save themselves and their passengers.

The performances in Mayday 2019 are top-notch, with strong chemistry between the lead actresses as they navigate their perilous situation together. The tension is palpable throughout the film, thanks to expert direction that takes full advantage of the claustrophobic setting of an airplane cabin. There are moments of heart-wrenching emotion as well as nail-biting suspense, making Mayday 2019 a well-rounded thriller that will keep audiences engaged until the very end.

Overall, Mayday 2019 is a well-crafted drama that delivers high-stakes action alongside genuine character development. It’s a solid addition to any aviation film collection or adrenaline junkie’s watchlist.

Release : 2019-09-10

Genre : Horror, Fantasy, Thriller

Runtime : 76

Home Page :

Company : Grindstone Entertainment Group

Cast : Michael Paré as Air Marshall Adam Anderson, Crystal Santos as Rochelle, Chanel Ryan as Lynn, Michael Wainwright as Simms, Raj Kala as Dr. Singh

Mayday – Official Trailer official trailer

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