Manipulated 2021 Movie Review

Movie Review: Manipulated 2021

Manipulated 2021 Movie Review

Manipulated is a thrilling and suspenseful movie that keeps you on edge from beginning to end. Director Matt Berman expertly weaves together a complex plot centered around a group of people brought together for an experiment in social manipulation.

The acting in Manipulated is top-notch, with each actor delivering a believable and emotionally charged performance. David Garelik particularly shines as the enigmatic Dr. Cornelius, mastermind behind the experiment who exudes both intelligence and menace.

The cinematography is also noteworthy, with creative camera angles and lighting choices enhancing the tension-filled atmosphere of the movie. The production design perfectly captures the sterile environment of the experiment, juxtaposed against the personal turmoil of its subjects.

While Manipulated certainly delivers on its promise of thrills and twists, it does have some flaws. The pacing can feel slow at times, particularly in some of the early scenes where characters are introduced and their backstories told. Additionally, some may find fault with certain character motivations or plot twists that require suspension of disbelief.

However, these minor criticisms do not detract from what is ultimately an engaging and thought-provoking film. Manipulated will leave you questioning just how much control we really have over our own lives – making it a must-see for any fan of psychological thrillers.


Manipulated 2021 Movie Review

Release : 2021-04-05

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Cast : Gail O’Grady as D.A. Diane Conrad, Traci Lords, Chase Masterson, Michael Paré, John de Lancie

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