Low Low 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Low Low 2019

Low Low is a coming-of-age drama that explores the gritty and emotional journey of four teenage girls in a small town in California. The film delves into themes such as poverty, abuse, loyalty, and sisterhood with great sensitivity and realism.

The plot of the movie revolves around the lives of best friends Kayla (Aliyah Royale), Jesse (Jahnee Wallace), Maria (Kristin Fairlie), and Selena (Kacie Rogers). They are all from broken families struggling to make ends meet. They come together to support each other through their trials and tribulations.

One of the best parts about Low Low is its incredible acting by all four young actresses who play their respective roles with authenticity. Their chemistry onscreen feels very organic, making it easy for audiences to connect with them emotionally.

Director Nick Richey does an excellent job at creating an immersive world, filled with stunning cinematography that captures both beauty and harshness found within the small town setting. The score complements it perfectly adding even more depth emotional impact to certain scenes.

One of my favorite aspects in this movie was its production design – everything from cars’ prop styling to clothing intricately matched the period when the story takes place. It created an overall captivating atmosphere which effectively drew me into the storylines of each character’s plight.

Although there were some heavy themes explored throughout this film I found myself becoming invested in each character’s story-arc as they worked towards achieving their goals during difficult times.

The only criticism I have towards this movie is that it felt at times predictable, yet even then I was still genuinely invested enough in these characters’ journeys making it feel like a worthwhile experience overall!

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In conclusion, Low Low delivers a genuine portrayal of growing up working-class at a time where there weren’t many opportunities available – It’s powerfully acted by its cast while also being thought-provoking enough for viewers eager for new perspectives on these themes. Highly recommend!

Release : 2019-02-14

Genre : Drama

Runtime : 92

Home Page : http://halfwaycrooksent.com/projects/low-low

Company :

Cast : Brie Mattson as Becky, Elaine Hendrix as Sylvia Reese, Dominique Columbus as Benny, Sean Carrigan as Jason, Tyler Chase as Cory

Millie Lies Low | Official Trailer official trailer

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