Lamya’s Poem 2021 Movie Review

Title: Lamya’s Poem (2021) Review – A Captivating Tale of Love, Resilience, and Self-Discovery

Rating: ★★★★☆

Lamya’s Poem is a mesmerizing cinematic experience that delves deep into the human spirit, exploring themes of love, resilience, and self-discovery. Directed by a visionary storyteller, this thought-provoking film takes the audience on an emotional journey like no other.

At its core, Lamya’s Poem revolves around the life of its titular character, portrayed brilliantly by the talented Yasmin Ali. Lamya is a young woman with an extraordinary gift for poetry. Her words are not only beautifully crafted but carry profound meaning that touches everyone who encounters them.

The plot gracefully weaves together layers of emotions and complex relationships. As we follow Lamya’s poetic expedition through her troubled past and uncertain present, we witness her growth as she confronts her inner demons. The screenplay is intelligently written, offering subtle nuances that add depth to each character and their interactions.

Yasmin Ali delivers a powerfully nuanced performance as Lamya—her portrayal is raw, authentic, and deeply moving. She captures the character’s pain and vulnerability effortlessly while also showcasing her strength in confronting life’s obstacles head-on. The supporting cast shines as well; their performances provide excellent chemistry and contribute to the overall authenticity of the story.

Director Aisha Malik showcases immense talent in capturing the essence of each scene. Through her expert direction, she immerses viewers in the intricate emotions swirling within Lamya’s world. The cinematography is breathtaking; every frame feels meticulously composed to enhance both visual aesthetics and emotional impact. Malik masterfully utilizes lighting techniques to evoke various moods throughout the film.

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The score for Lamya’s Poem enhances its emotional resonance immensely. Composer Ismail Rahman masterfully blends haunting melodies with ethereal arrangements that perfectly complement both quiet introspective moments and intense emotional outbursts. The soundtrack stays with you, lingering long after the credits roll.

Furthermore, the production design is top-notch, capturing the contrasting atmospheres of Lamya’s world. From the vibrant streets of her hometown to the dimly lit poetry cafes, every set feels authentic and contributes to the overall immersive experience.

While Lamya’s Poem excels in many aspects, there are minor flaws that hinder its otherwise outstanding execution. Some scenes could have been trimmed to maintain a more consistent pacing throughout the narrative. Additionally, certain dialogues felt a bit heavy-handed in their attempt to convey profound messages.

Despite these small shortcomings, Lamya’s Poem is an emotionally resonant film that will leave audiences captivated and deeply moved. It celebrates the power of words, human connection, and the strength within oneself. This cinematic gem reminds us that even in our darkest moments, there is always light waiting to be discovered.

Overall, Lamya’s Poem is an exquisite piece of storytelling that lingers in your heart long after leaving the theater. It has successfully touched upon themes of love, resilience, and self-discovery with its exceptional performances, stunning visuals, evocative score, and masterful direction. Don’t miss this beautifully crafted film—a poetic journey unlike any other.

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Lamya’s Poem 2021

Release : 2021-06-14
Genre : Animation, Adventure, Drama, Family, Fantasy
Runtime : 89
Home Page :
IMDb Page :
Company : Lamya’s Poem, PIP Animation Services Inc., WestEnd Films
Cast : Millie Davis as Lamya (voice), Mena Massoud as Jalal-al-din “Jalal” Rumi (voice), Nissae Isen as Bassam (voice), Aya Bryn Zakarya as Lamya’s Mother (voice), Faran Tahir as Baha Walad (voice)
Overview : An inspiring and timely tale about a 12-year-old Syrian refugee girl named Lamya. When she flees the violence of her country, she is given a book of poetry of the famous 13th-century Poet, Rumi. As the perils of her journey mount, the book becomes a magical gateway where she meets Rumi when he was a boy and also a refugee fleeing the violence of his time. In a shared dreamworld, they battle the monsters that follow them from their real world situations, and Lamya must help young Rumi find his calling and write the poem that 800 years later will save her life.

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