Keys to the City 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Keys to the City 2019

“Keys to the City” is a beautifully crafted romantic comedy that delivers plenty of laughs mixed with heartfelt emotions. The film follows Isaiah Washington’s character Harlan Kipling, a famous playboy politician who falls in love with Felicity Lane (Tiffany Haddish), a journalist writing his biography.

The chemistry between Washington and Haddish is undeniable as they bring their characters to life, showcasing their vibrant personalities and deepening emotional connection throughout the story. Set against the stunning backdrop of New York City, “Keys to the City” captures all of its magic through breathtaking cinematography that highlights both its natural beauty and urban landscape.

One of the most impressive aspects of this movie is how it balances humor with heartwarming moments seamlessly. The jokes land in all the right places, bringing levity to some of the more serious moments. At its core, “Keys to the city” tells an honest story about love and redemption with authenticity and warmth that will leave audiences feeling completely satisfied.

Overall, “Keys to The City” stands out as one of 2019’s best romantic comedies thanks to its compelling performances from Washington and Haddish coupled with perfect pacing by director Tangie B. Moore.”

Release : 2019-09-14

Genre : Drama

Runtime : 90

Home Page :

Company : Tier 2 Films

Cast : Isaiah Washington as August King, Stephen Bishop as Mayor Kenneth Briggs, Felisha Cooper as Avery Long, Kelsey Scott as Roberta McKinney, Francine Locke as Grace Redding

Keys to the City 2012 trailer official trailer

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