Jezebel 2020 Movie Review

Movie Review: Jezebel 2020

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Jezebel 2020 is a thought-provoking and intimate drama movie that tells the story of 19-year-old Tiffany (played by Tiffany Tenille) who becomes a cam girl in the late 90s to support her family after her mother’s death. With raw and authentic performances from its cast, particularly Tenille who flawlessly captures the character’s vulnerability and strength, Jezebel delves into themes of grief, sexuality, and sisterhood with empathy and honesty.

Director Numa Perrier masterfully uses neon-lit visual aesthetics to evoke the atmosphere of late-night online chatrooms while also contrasting it with the harsh reality of poverty and illness. The film’s supporting characters – including Tiffany’s older sister Sabrina (played by Numa Perrier) – are fleshed out with depth and complexity.

Although Jezebel has moments that may feel slow-paced for some viewers’ tastes or challenging scenes that may be triggering for others (such as sexual content), it ultimately tackles relevant issues about online sex work without moral judgement or sensationalism. Overall, this indie gem is worth viewing if you’re looking for something emotionally resonant yet straightforward.

Release : 2020-01-03

Genre : Drama

Runtime : 88

Home Page :

Company : House of Numa, Salem Street Entertainment, UnLTD Productions

Cast : Tiffany Tenille as Jezebel, Numa Perrier as Sabrina, Brett Gelman as Bobby (voice), Stephen Barrington as Dominic, Bobby Field as David

Jezebel (1938) Official Trailer – Bette Davis Movie official trailer

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