If Not Now, When 2020 Movie Review

Movie Review: If Not Now, When 2020

If Not Now, When is a heart-warming exploration of the intricacies of friendship and sisterhood. Directed by Meagan Good and Tamara Bass, this film chronicles the lives of four lifelong friends who reunite after several years apart. The narrative centers on their struggles with love, loss, and motherhood.

The plot is poignant and relatable as it delves into the complexities of real-life issues such as drug addiction, teenage pregnancy, divorce, miscarriage, and domestic abuse. Through an array of interconnected stories that cleverly intertwine to form a cohesive whole, If Not Now When tugs at the heartstrings.

The acting in this movie is commendable; every actor gives a stellar performance that makes each character believable and memorable. The dynamic between the four leading ladies played by Meagan Good (Tyra), Mekia Cox (Suzette), Meagan Holder (Deanna), and Valarie Pettiford (Peggy) is palpable. They manage to convey camaraderie through their dialogue exchange despite their troubled past.

The score fits each scene perfectly; whether it’s an upbeat moment or one riddled with melancholy sadness – every musical cue resonates with what’s happening on screen. Additionally, cinematography does an excellent job of translating emotional content onto visual imagery – shots are well-composed to reflect storytelling beats effectively.

Production design is relatively understated but still provides subtle cues for themes that could be easy to miss initially – set pieces for Tyra’s family home give depth into her history while giving viewers insight into how she became who she is today.

However good If Not Now When might be; many plot points fall flat when attempting weighty subject matter lightly or failing to explore them further when bringing up more impactful moments throughout its runtime both hurt its potential even further than haphazard editing cuts affecting pacing throughout various scenes; resulting in a lackluster final product overall.

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Despite this flaw, If Not Now When drifts through enough ups and downs for an emotionally-driven payoff that’s easy to appreciate. It’s a movie packed with friendship, laughter, love, heartbreak, and everything else that makes life worth living. Watch it if you enjoy dramatic indie movies with a focus on human connection.

Release : 2020-06-13

Genre : Drama

Runtime : 111

Home Page :

Company : Krazy Actress Productions

Cast : Meagan Good as Tyra, Meagan Holder as Deidre, Mekia Cox as Suzanne, Valarie Pettiford as Lorna, Tamara LaSeon Bass as Patrice

IF NOT NOW, WHEN ? Trailer (2020) Meagan Good, Drama Movie official trailer

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