Holiday Rush 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Holiday Rush 2019

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes the much-anticipated holiday rush. For many people, this time of year is a whirlwind of shopping for gifts, decorating homes, planning parties, and traveling to be with loved ones. While this can all be exciting and enjoyable, it can also be quite stressful.

The first thing to keep in mind during the holiday rush is that it is okay to take a step back and prioritize your mental health. It can be easy to get caught up in the pressure to perform and participate in every aspect of the festivities, but it is important to remember that self-care should always come first. Take breaks when you need them, practice mindfulness techniques like breathing exercises or meditation, or simply spend some time alone doing something that makes you happy.

Another important aspect of navigating the holiday rush is staying organized. Make lists of everything you need to do or buy before deadlines approach so nothing falls through the cracks. Utilize calendars or schedule reminders on your phone so that you don’t forget about events or appointments. Additionally, try delegating tasks whenever possible – there’s no reason why one person should have all the responsibility for planning a family gathering or buying gifts for everyone.

If money becomes an issue during this time of year (as it often does), consider setting a budget for yourself before starting any gift-giving endeavors. This will help curb overspending and alleviate stress when bills start piling up in January.

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Finally, remember that spending quality time with loved ones – whether virtually or in-person – should always take precedence over anything else during the holiday season. Focus on making memories together rather than stressing about finding the perfect gift or cooking the perfect meal.

In conclusion, while navigating through all aspects of life during this hectic period may seem overwhelming at times – especially with everything else going on globally – taking things one day at a time while keeping these tips in mind will enable us make our way through the holiday rush with more ease and joy. Happy holidays!

Release : 2019-11-28

Genre : Drama, Comedy, Romance

Runtime : 94

Home Page :

Company : Poke Prod

Cast : Sonequa Martin-Green as Roxy Richardson, La La Anthony as Paula Williams, Deon Cole as Marshall Stone, Stormi Maya as Katrina, Tamala Jones as Jocelyn ‘Joss’ Hawkings

Holiday Rush | Official Trailer | Netflix official trailer

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