Great White 2021 Movie Review

Movie Review: Great White 2021

Title: Great White: A Shark-infested Thrill Ride That Drowns in Mediocrity

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

As I sat down to watch the highly anticipated shark thriller, Great White, I found myself eager for a heart-pounding adventure that would leave me on the edge of my seat. Unfortunately, what unfolded onscreen could be best described as a disappointment hidden beneath turbulent waves.

One of the biggest letdowns in this film was its shallow and predictable plot. Great White revolves around a group of individuals stranded on a crumbling seaplane in the middle of an ocean swarming with ravenous sharks. While this premise seemed promising at first, it quickly devolved into a formulaic survival story filled with clichés and lacking any real surprises. The suspense was cheaply manufactured, leaving me wanting for genuine moments of terror and unpredictability.

Despite the lackluster plot, the performances from the cast were serviceable. However, they were hindered by underdeveloped characters that failed to elicit any emotional investment from viewers. The writing fell short in providing depth or backstory to these individuals trapped in their desperate fight against nature’s merciless predators. Without compelling characters to root for or empathize with, it became challenging to truly care about their plight.

The direction by Martin Wilson felt uninspired and failed to elevate this subpar script. Though there were glimpses of potential during some tense sequences, they were overshadowed by mediocre pacing and an inability to generate sustained excitement throughout the film’s runtime.

Special effects played an important role in creating a believable shark attack scenario but sadly fell short when compared to other films within this genre. At times, it was evident that CGI had been used excessively rather than relying on practical effects or well-executed cinematography techniques that could have enhanced immersion.

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Additionally, while cinematography had its occasional moments of breathtaking beauty capturing vast ocean horizons, it struggled with inconsistencies in color grading and framing choices. This left me longing for a more visually cohesive and impactful experience.

One redeeming aspect of Great White was its score, which managed to heighten tension during certain scenes and create an atmosphere of impending danger. The haunting melodies lingered in the background, amplifying the sense of vulnerability faced by our stranded protagonists.

Production design offered little to distinguish this film within the shark thriller genre. The seaplane wreckage and isolated setting felt unimaginative, lacking creativity or unique touches that could have elevated the overall experience.

Editing played a crucial role in maintaining pacing; however, it failed to strike a balance between deliberately slow moments and exhilarating action sequences. As a result, the film’s rhythm became disjointed.

Dialogues in Great White were functional at best, rarely offering any memorable lines or insightful exchanges between characters. It lacked that spark necessary for effective storytelling and character development.

Ultimately, what stood out most about this movie was how unremarkable it made me feel. Great White failed to deliver the true suspense or emotional connection expected from a shark thriller. Its inability to immerse viewers through compelling characters, innovative direction, or impressive effects left me yearning for something more substantial as an audience member.

If you seek a thrilling adventure with well-rounded characters and genuine scares beneath crashing waves – look elsewhere. Unfortunately, Great White sinks beneath its own shallow waters without making much of an impression on its audience’s deepest fears or emotions.

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Release : 2021-05-13

Genre : Horror, Thriller

Runtime : 91

Home Page :

Company : Thrills & Spills, Truth or Dare, ProdigyMovies

Cast : Katrina Bowden as Kaz, Te Kohe Tuhaka as Benny, Aaron Jakubenko as Charlie, Kimie Tsukakoshi as Michelle, Tatjana Marjanovic as Tracy

GREAT WHITE (2021) | Official Trailer | Altitude Films official trailer

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