Ghost in the Graveyard 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Ghost in the Graveyard 2019

As a movie critic, I recently watched “Ghost in the Graveyard” and it left me feeling mixed emotions. The film is a supernatural thriller that centers around a group of high school friends who accidentally summon the ghost of a murdered girl while playing their favorite game.

The plot starts off strong and has some intriguing moments, but unfortunately, it quickly loses momentum and fails to deliver on the promise of an exciting storyline. Despite its potential, the plot becomes predictable and bland as it unfolds.

The acting performances are average at best with no standout performances from any of the cast members. The characters themselves are also not very well developed which makes it difficult to connect with them or care about their fates.

On the technical side of things, the cinematography was decent enough although there was nothing truly exceptional about it. Production design was adequate but lacked creativity which could have added more depth to some scenes.

One aspect of “Ghost in the Graveyard” that did stand out though is its soundtrack/score. It effectively set an eerie tone throughout the film and helped accentuate some tense moments.

Unfortunately, special effects were underwhelming which further detracts from what could have been an engaging horror/thriller flick. This is especially true during certain scenes where CGI effects looked particularly unpolished.

Overall, “Ghost in the Graveyard” had potential but ultimately falls short due to its lackluster plot development, average acting performances from its cast members and subpar special effects work that leave everything feeling undercooked despite all efforts put into making this production come alive on screen.

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In conclusion, while this movie may be worth watching for those seeking a bit of spooky entertainment during Halloween season or for fans looking for low budget horror films – I personally wouldn’t recommend spending too much time on this one unless you’re truly interested in exploring every corner within this genre of films specifically!

Release : 2019-11-05

Genre : Horror, Drama

Runtime : 92

Home Page :

Company : Cellar Door Films

Cast : Kelli Berglund as Sally Sullivan, Jake Busey as Charlie Sullivan, Olivia Larsen as Zoe, Royce Johnson as Sheriff D., Maria Olsen as The Witch

GHOST IN THE GRAVEYARD Official Trailer (2018) Horror Movie official trailer

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