Freshman Year 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Freshman Year 2019

As a movie critic, I had the pleasure of watching Freshman Year and it certainly did not disappoint. This coming-of-age film followed the journey of two high school graduates, Caleb and Malory, as they navigated their way through their first year of college.

One aspect that stood out to me was the exceptional acting by the main cast. The chemistry between Diallo Thompson (Caleb) and Natalia Dominguez (Malory) was palpable on-screen, making for an emotionally charged experience. The supporting cast also lent great performances, bringing added depth to the storyline.

Director Jude Okwudiafor Johnson deserves recognition for his deft handling of what could have been a clichéd story. Instead, he masterfully guided us through nuanced character arcs that kept me fully invested from start to finish.

The cinematography was visually striking with well-composed shots that captured both the beauty and challenges in Caleb and Malory’s lives. The score was also noteworthy as it expertly set the tone for each scene.

Freshman Year didn’t rely on flashy special effects or grand set pieces but instead focused on telling an honest story with heart. It explored themes of friendship, family dynamics and self-discovery in a relatable manner that left me feeling satisfied yet reflective at its end.

While there were moments where certain plot points felt rushed or underdeveloped, these missteps were outweighed by the overall strength of this film’s execution.

In conclusion, Freshman Year is a heartfelt exploration into growing up that left me feeling both nostalgic for my own youth while also hopeful for what is yet to come. Definitely recommended for anyone looking for a moving cinematic experience!

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Release : 2019-05-03

Genre : Drama

Runtime : 105

Home Page :

Company : Anchor Media Studios, Jude Johnson Productions

Cast : Diallo Thompson as CJ, Gregory Alan Williams as Professor Thompson, Benjamin A. Onyango as Chukwumah, Natalia Dominguez as Marcella, Desalene Jones as Veronica

Freshman Year – Official Trailer official trailer

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