Fantasy 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Fantasy 2019

Fantasy: The Power of Imagination

Fantasy is a genre that has fascinated people for centuries. It allows readers and viewers to escape reality and enter a world beyond their wildest imaginations. This genre ranges from epic stories filled with magic, dragons, and mythical creatures to whimsical tales about fairies, unicorns, and magical forests. But what makes fantasy so captivating?

The power of imagination is the key to understanding why fantasy is so popular. Imagination allows individuals to imagine things that do not exist in the real world. It enables them to create worlds that are not limited by the laws of physics or social constraints. Fantasy embraces this power by taking those imagined concepts and turning them into something tangible.

In many ways, reading or watching fantasy is like visiting an alternate reality where characters can do anything they want without the limitations of everyday life. This freedom enables writers to explore themes such as good versus evil, heroism, diversity, love beyond boundaries, feminism advocacy and much more.

Furthermore, fantasy works as a form of escapism for many people dealing with stressful situations in their lives. The idea of losing oneself in a magical world where anything can happen brings comfort in times when reality seems bleak.

The beauty of fantasy lies in its ability to connect with people on various levels – from children who dream about flying on unicorns to adults who yearn for adventures beyond their mundane lives.

Additionally, there are several benefits associated with reading or watching fantasy stories regularly:

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1) Enhanced creativity – Fantasy stimulates creativity by encouraging people to think outside the box.

2) Increased empathy – People tend to identify with some fictional characters which leads them towards building empathy muscles.

3) Improved problem-solving – With complex plotlines and intricate character arcs that require close attention; there’s no doubt it improves our concentration skills as well as problem-solving abilities

4) Reduced stress- Immersing oneself into some fictional realm could be calming and therapeutic, which helps to reduce stress levels.

In conclusion, fantasy is a powerful medium that allows readers and viewers to explore and connect with different worlds. It’s a genre that transcends age groups, ethnicities, backgrounds even species (hello folks of Middle-Earth) and serves as an escape from everyday life while enhancing creativity, empathy, concentration skills as well as problem-solving abilities. So let your imagination run wild!

Release : 2019-08-30

Genre : Comedy, Drama

Runtime : 63

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Cast : Cerris Morgan-Moyer as Nina Svankmajer, Pancho Moler as Dr. Harvey Buñuel, Jose de Jesus Martinez as Hector, Kassie Johnston as Jessica, Katy O’Brian as Kelly

Final Fantasy 16 – Official World of Valisthea Trailer official trailer

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