Entangled 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Entangled 2019

Entangled 2019 Movie Review

As a movie critic, I had the opportunity to watch Entangled, and let me tell you, it’s an enthralling masterpiece that will leave you spellbound. This movie is a perfect blend of action, romance, mystery and suspense.

The plot revolves around two strangers who are entangled in a web of conspiracy and deceit. The lead characters played by Sophia Bush and Hayden Christensen are exceptionally talented actors who have delivered powerful performances. Their on-screen chemistry is electrifying, adding an element of depth to the storyline.

The direction by Josh Duhamel is commendable as he created a world that draws you in. The background score was equally impressive with its haunting melodies and upbeat tempo keeping the audience engaged throughout the movie.

Cinematography plays a crucial role in building tension and keeping us glued to our seats. The team has done an excellent job here with their use of lighting effects which create an aura while taking us through various dimensions.

Production design was spot-on with accuracy to detail from set design to costumes which gave this film realism. Special effects have been used judiciously without overpowering the narrative.

Editing was crisp as it kept up with pacey shots interlaced between engaging conversations easing into thrilling moments where your heart races faster than your pulse does making it impossible for one to glance away from this cinematic experience

However, There were some areas where I felt Entangled fell short of perfection. Some dialogues seemed forced or cliched leaving me cringing at times amidst all the clever banter.. Also there could have been more twists introduced leading up what seemed like predictable endings throughout certain portions of this film

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Overall Entangled holds true as pulse-pounding roller coaster ride that captivates its audience from start till end credits roll. It left me feeling exhilarated providing world-class entertainment making it worth every second spent watching this captivating thriller-romance film!

Entangled 2019 Movie Review

Release : 2019-10-11

Genre : Drama

Runtime : 93

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Cast : Ana Girardot as Marin, Grégory Fitoussi as Max, Peter Mark Kendall as Mark, Lucy Walters as Isabel, Jonathan Cake as Jonas

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