Emotional Rollercoaster: A Review of ‘3 Days with Dad’ Movie

Movie Review: 3 Days with Dad 2019

As a movie critic, I had the opportunity to watch “3 Days with Dad,” a comedy film that centers around two siblings, George and Christian, who reluctantly come together to take care of their father who is terminally ill.

The plot of the movie is centered on exploring the complexities of family dynamics in times of crises. The story is relatable as many viewers may have experienced similar situations within their own families. However, I found that the execution was lacking as the story seemed predictable and somewhat cliché at times.

The acting in this movie was decent but not outstanding. The chemistry between actors J.K Simmons and Bailee Madison (who played father and daughter) was one highlight for me, they had great on-screen chemistry which made several scenes feel genuine despite being incredibly humorous.

The direction could have been improved; there were several moments when I felt like certain scenes dragged on longer than necessary and some character development would have added depth to certain characters.

The score also fell flat for me; it didn’t enhance any emotional moments or stood out in any way.

On a positive note though, cinematography-wise “3 Days with Dad” is well done with beautiful shots throughout each scene that capture sunny LA effortlessly when out in public or indoor settings really help to add moodiness when inside a hospice/home environment.

Furthermore, Production design-wise “3 Days with Dad” does an exceptional job considering it was shot during Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns for most locations. They successfully managed to depict hospitality warmness & other details even if we don’t witness much variety during his keep placement period.

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Special effects were not necessary since this was more of a character-driven story than visually stunning effects needed!

Finally, editing wise – It seemed like the editor did a good job keeping it fast-paced while maintaining relevant information required inspite few lingering moments towards conclusion part film.

Overall “3 Days With Dad”’ will make you laugh and is worth watching if you’re looking for a light-hearted comedy. Although it’s not perfect, but the emotional core of the film will likely resonate with many viewers, especially those who have experienced similar family situations themselves. Go ahead and watch it with your dad or close ones to feel a sense of closeness in these challenging times!

Release : 2019-09-13

Genre : Comedy

Runtime : 94

Home Page :

Company : Badlands Features, EVC Productions

Cast : Larry Clarke as Eddie, Tom Arnold as Andy, Mo Gaffney as Diane, Eric Edelstein as Zak, Brian Dennehy as Bob

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